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To help you enjoy the outdoors this summer, we have put together a list of some fun tech gadgets that you might want to consider. No matter where you go this summer, there’s a gadget or gizmo that fits your needs or personality!

StowCo Portable
Drink Cooler

With the StowCo Portable Drink Cooler you’ll never have to lug around a heavy cooler again. This compact cooler is roughly the size of a small briefcase, and it still holds an impressive amount. The ideal size for carrying drinks, it can keep your drinks cold for up to five hours. That’s pretty impressive considering it doesn’t even need ice. Instead, it uses foam insulation to keep the drinks just as cold as they were when you put them in.

PoolCandy Splash Runner Motorized Luxury Pool Lounger

Effortlessly move through the water with the PoolCandy Splash Runner Motorized Luxury Pool Lounger. Featuring twin propellers, this device enables you to sit back and relax while making your way around the pool. In addition, the motorized luxury pool lounger moves left, right, forward, and backward with ease. Simple to use, the pool float comes with dual push-button controls that allow it to move in all directions.

TRONO Portable Kids Lounge Chair

Give your kids a perfect way to enjoy as well as relax in the outdoors with the TRONO Inflatable Kids Lounge Chair. This version is exclusively custom-madefor the little ones in your life. In fact, the foldable design is not just inflatable, but is also super lightweight for portability. This chair inflates within seconds.  You can also fold the chair into a bag when not in use.

Mondo High-Performance Fly Fishing Rods

Add a sense of art to your sport with the Mondo High-Performance Fly Fishing Rods. This exquisite collection features rods and reels that combine art and ability. Designed to inspire, the Mondo Fly Fishing Rods come in seven different packages, and are suitable for any experience level. Unlike beginner packages, the Mondo collections are practical, durable, beautiful, and are built to last and last. These fly fishing rods really stand out due to their bright colors and creative design.

Bite Helper Bug Bite Itch Solution

Stop discomfort in its tracks when you have the Bite Helper Bug Bite Itch Solution. This summer must-have uses technology to relieve you of incessant itching. The Bite Helper features a thermo-pulse metal tip on the end. Place it directly on top of the bug bite and turn it on. The Thermo-Pulse Technology applies concentrated heat and vibration. This technology helps to increase blood flow as well as circulation. As a result, the Bite Helper soothes the area and neutralizes the itching. In just seconds, the Bite Helper gets rid of the itch so you can get back to enjoying the great outdoors.

Ricoh WG-M1
Action Camera

Record your adventures, whether they’re above sea level or below, with the Ricoh WG-M1 Waterproof Action Camera. Totally airtight, this versatile action camera can handle water depths of up to 33 feet for up to an hour at a time. Built for adventure, the Ricoh WG-M1 has a rugged shockproof design and can even handle drops from up to six feet.

Extreme Water Tag

Extreme Water Tag is extreme sports, adventure, action, and water park fun all packed into one awesome game. Each team straps on vests in different colors and both sides arm themselves with the water guns. The aim of the game is
simple – soak your opponents and make the water gauge
on their vests hit maximum before they do it to you.
The high-performance 12” Stream Machine Tl-600 has a shooting range of 70 feet. The vests are suitable for all ages.

Yonanas Frozen
Healthy Dessert Maker

The Yonanas Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker turns your favorite fruits into delicious, healthy treats. Unlike ice cream or yogurt, Yonanas desserts have no added fat, sugar, or preservatives. You simply insert a banana or any other fruit, and press down the plunger. The machine turns your fruit into a smooth frozen sweet in seconds. You can also combine different ingredients to create your perfect frozen smoothie, and use the end product in cakes and sorbets.

Cordoba Fire Pit
and Grill

Next time you’re out for a BBQ party, think about replacing your boring grill with this Coradoba Fire Pit and Grill.
It’s like an all-in-one BBQ that has everything in store. By everything, we mean two removable swing-out chrome grills, a removable wooden chopping board, five utensil hooks on the side, and an ash collector. Preparing your grilled foods outdoors was
never this easy.

Culer 3-Speed Double
Port Space Cooler

Wondering how to beat the heat this summer? This Culer 3-Speed Double Port Space Cooler could be a good option worth a try. These coolers are designed to provide you with cooling comfort wherever you may need it. They will not just blow around hot air but will actually absorb the heat from the air to reduce the temperature by as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit.