What Are You Going To Do, If You Don’t Know What To Do?

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By: Karen Behfar

When you leave your winter home and head to your summer property, there is an excitement in the air. But are you truly ready to lock up the house and drive away? Do you know how to move effectively and leave your winter home safe and in good condition?

How to Move Effectively

Before you head to your summer home you will want to pack your belongings wisely. There is no reason to pack your entire home. Think carefully about the items you will need and those you can leave behind. For example, you don’t need to take your winter wardrobe. You may also not need all of your kitchen supplies as your summer home possesses many of these items.

 Additionally, begin packing several days or even weeks in advance. This will help you determine exactly what you need, and will prevent you from leaving essential items behind.

How to Lock Up Your Winter Home

When you lock up your winter home, you want to protect your home from any potential damage that could occur during the summer months. You also don’t want it to appear unoccupied. A few things you should do to prepare your home for your long-term absence include:

Install an alarm system and security cameras throughout the interior and on the exterior of the home.

Forward all mail and newspaper delivery. Make sure you have no monthly subscriptions sent to
the home.

If you have any valuables in the home, lock them in a small safe. If you have any artwork
or heirlooms that are too large for a safe, lock them in a closet or a room.

Deep clean the home. This will help keep rodents, insects, and other pests away.
Hire an exterminator to spray your house often throughout the summer months to prevent infestations while you are gone.

Ask a friend or family member to check on the house often. This will give you peace of mind that the home is in good condition.

The Community Speaks:
Real Experiences

This month we asked fellow community members about their home-buying experiences.


What year did you buy
your house?

E.S:  I bought my home
in 1994.

K.B:I bought my home
in 2013.

R.T:I bought my home
in 2019.


What was the average rate for homes then?

E.S:  Starter homes in those days were between 175K-250K.

K.B:20x100 starter homes were between 500K-600K.

R.T:Today, starter homes are between 850K-1M.


What were the mortgage rates when you bought
your home?

E.S:  7-8%




Where did you first turn for guidance when you began the search for your house?

E.S:  When we began searching, we turned to real estate agents and the classified sections in newspapers such as the Jewish Press, NY Post, as well as driving around and looking at houses with signs up.

K.B:The first place I looked was Zillow!

R.T:I first turned to social media when we began
our search.