SUMMER 2019 The Summer of Torah, Hesed, and Charity

Past Articles:


Kudos for last month’s cover story about the BLINK organization (“What Are You Going To Do, If You Don’t Know What To DO?”). In my opinion, every person over the age of 13 should know how to perform CPR and know how to use an AED. Why this is not taught in every yeshiva is beyond me. When I was a teenager, I used to hang out at the local pizza shop. I remember always staring at a poster of the Heimlich maneuver that was posted on the wall in the pizza shop. Years later, while I was eating at lunch in yeshiva, one of my friends who was sitting across from me started choking on his food. I immediately got up and without even thinking – applied the Heimlich maneuver. Baruch Hashem, the food shot right out of his mouth. Lives can be easily be saved if the public is informed. There simply is no excuse for any adult not to know how to perform CPR.

Morris G.

Jewish Community in Panama

Wow! Your July magazine was chock full of great articles, photos, and information. My favorite feature was the article about the Sephardic population in Panama (Rabbi David Perets Carries on the Tradition of Hacham Levy as Panama’s Chief Rabbi). Their community leader, David Hanono, gave a clear illustration about the booming community of Panama. They seem to have it all – beautiful synagogues, many kosher restaurants, a fascinating historical background, and a well-respected Chief Rabbi. It was refreshing to read how Rabbi David Perets is the one who instructs and rules the whole community.

After reading the article - I’m seriously thinking about visiting Panama in the near future to learn more about their Jewish history – and to have some fun!

Raquel B.

Bedtime Battles

One of my favorite columns in Community is Positive Parenting by Tammy Sassoon. Last month’s suggested tips to end bedtime battles are very helpful. As a parent of six children, I certainly had my fair share of battles with my children. I would like to share with your readers a tool that I used that worked very well – behavior charts. Proper usage of behavior charts is an effective method to promote positive change. By providing positive reinforcement and paying attention to your child’s appropriate behavior, you increase the chances that their positive behavior will occur again. And when your child does not make an appropriate choice (like not going to bed on time), try to give that as little attention as possible.

Sally L.

Mitzvah Man

Dear Mitzvah Man, after seeing your ad in Community Magazine, I decided to call you. I cannot adequately express my deepest appreciation to you. I am a struggling single mother and was in dire need of air conditioning units. It was so hot in my apartment that it reached 92 degrees Fahrenheit. I had to use wet towels to ease off my sweat. My children had to have all windows open including their bedroom door even with the Shabbat light on and have water by their bedside from the extreme hot in their bedroom.

I am so happy and grateful that I called you. During the process of approval, I was given the use of fans from a wonderful human being that you arranged whom I never ended up seeing but left them by my front door.

I am so grateful that my units were installed. My apartment is cool and I feel like a dignified human being. Robert from Big Daddy was so amazing and the men that installed them were so kind to me. I am so taken aback by the level of kindness to help my family. May you be blessed!