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Yeshivat Keter Torah’s Summer Event with Peas Love & Carrots

One of the biggest and most exciting events of the summer occurred on a hot sunny day this past July. On that day, the sun was shining brightly and the weather was warm and welcoming in honor of the annual Yeshivat Keter Torah auction event.

Suzanne Sasson graciously opened up her magnificent home to the over four hundred attendees. Guests traveled from far and wide (from Monsey, Lakewood, Livingston, Englewood, and Brooklyn) to see Danielle Renov, a popular Instagram food blogger who is famously known as “Peas Love & Carrots.” The energy was palpable as the crowd sat in the tent outside and watched Danielle’s enthralling food demonstration. She shared her recipes and thoughts while showing the crowd how to whip up a mouth-watering meal of salmon, zucchini salad, and chocolate mousse. The audience got to sample the recipes on their way out, and of course the food was absolutely delicious!

Once the demonstration was over, the crowd came inside to see the beautiful auction and all of the amazing prizes. It was a memorable day for everyone who attended.

Yeshivat Keter Torah elementary school in Deal, NJ is responsible for educating hundreds of community boys and equipping them with the tools they need to develop into successful individuals. The school is underthe guidance of Rabbi Mordechai Dabbah.

Q&A with Neal Granick, Tax Manager at Deloitte and PCS Graduate with M.S. in Accounting

Q:Tell us about your current position. 

A:I am a tax manager for Deloitte in the Parsippany office. I’ve been here for six years. I started with individual tax returns. I currently do real estate and private equity investor reporting.

Q: What is the advantage of a master’s degree over a bachelor’s? 

A:A master’s degree really gives one a leg up over other entry-level candidates in the job hunt. So, when you're competing for an entry level position, or really any position for that matter, you look better than someone who just has a bachelor’s. In the last few years the Big
4 accounting firms have startedpaying higher entry-level salaries to new hires with a master’s. 

Q: Can you tell us about the current job market? How did PCS help you find your first job?

A: The current job market is very hot, specifically after the new tax law was passed. All the firms are hiring aggressively. Everyone is looking for qualified candidates. There’s a shortage of good employees. It’s an employee’s market. 

The PCS accounting program is amazing. I highly recommend it.
PCS helped me get my job. They set me up with an internship in a small mom-and-pop shop in Bayside, NY. That was my first experience in public accounting. I worked there for a year. My boss there had contacts at Deloitte and got me in.

For more information, contact: yocheved@nj.pcsjobs.org or
732-905-9700 x 665.

Deutsch Parking Legislation Passes City Council

A bill sponsored by Councilman Chaim Deutsch that will open up existing parking spots for New York City drivers was passed by the City Council last month.

Around every school building in the city areparking regulations that are intended to make student drop-off and pick-up safer by not allowing parking during school hours. These signs will generally say “NO PARKING SCHOOL DAYS.” During summer months, these regulations can often confuse drivers, who are unaware if they are permitted to park near a school building, because there is no public information available that indicates where active summer sessions are taking place. 

Deutsch’s bill aims to resolve this with transparency, requiring the Department of Education to compile a list of all summer sessions taking place in New York City schools. The Department of Transportation will then be required to list which of those buildings have active parking restrictions. These lists will be made publicly available by June 30thof every year, so that drivers can easily search a location or call 311 to determine whether it is permissible to park there during summer daytime hours. This will ultimately free up thousands of parking spots across the city, in areas surrounding public and charter school buildings.