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Dear Jido,

My friends and family members constantly ask me when I plan to get a new phone. I currently use a slide phone. I used to have a flip phone, which also drew the same questions and comments. I see so many people addicted to their phones, and their lives seem to revolve around this so-called “smart” item, that I just can’t see myself ever wanting one.

So, I am asking you for advice as I am getting tired of the questions about my phone. I wouldn't dream of asking people when they are going to get newer clothes, a more expensive car, a larger house, or a more expensive watch.

It is becoming difficult for me to remain civil about this subject. Before I just throw the darn thing away, how do you suggest that I answer?

Longing for the Good Old Days

Dear Longing,

Did you hear the one about the little rich kid who just had to have EVERYTHING? He walked into the cell phonestore and said, “Excuse me, where can I buy a phone booth?”

Yes, some people just don’t get it. Sometimes it’s their own insecurities that make them ask annoying questions and sometimes it’s just surprising to them that people don’t see everything their way.

Our own Rabbi Shlomo Diamond has the perfect answer to your question. He says, when someone comes over to you and says, “Wow, YOU bought a Mercedes?” or “Oh my gosh, is that YOUR new house on East 5th between S and T?” or “YOU took the whole family to ISRAEL for a bar mitzvah?” or even, “YOU still use a slide phone?”

His advice is always the same. Tell them, “Yup.” And then just walk away. Try it, you’ll like it.