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From Lakewood to
Iraq and Back

Thank you Rabbi Raphael Berdugo for serving in the U.S. Armed forces and taking care of our boys. You did us all proud, Jews and Americans. Although you served as a chaplain to be there for the Jewish soldiers, you also have set a wonderful example of what an observant Jew is all about. I cried when I read your account because I remember my father, a”h, who served in WWII, telling me some of the very things that you mentioned. Leading the Shabbat services, reading the megillah, and participating in the Passover Seders. Good luck in your future and Shana Tova to you and your family.

Marlene J.

Community of Panama

I want to congratulate the entire staff of Community Magazine for publishing a very wonderful and excellent article about my community
in Panama (July 2019 issue). Our heartiest good wishes to all for writing about the Panama community and Rabbi David Perets. Our community in Panama started in 1936. My uncle, Eddy Harari, zt”l, was one of the founders of the community and our synagogue, Panama Shavit Ahim.

 PS: The article about Eli Cohen is a most interesting story. I’m sure everybody appreciated the article.

Raymond H.

Back to School Tips

Last month’s article about preparing for back to school (Getting Your Children Excited about the New School Year) was a great guide full of sound advice. I would like to add to the helpful suggestion of thinking positive and being positive. One method of instilling a positive attitude upon your child is by constantly praising your child. But, don’t praise your child for his/her intelligence or high grades. Instead of saying things like, “You are a genius!” – praise them for working hard and for persevering at a difficult task. Children who are praised for putting in effort are more likely to keep trying when they encounter setbacks. They know they have control over their ability to learn. Children who are told they are smart have a harder time with school and are more likely to give up when they have to complete assignments that leave them feeling “not-so-smart.”

Gladys P.


Although I did enjoy reading about the back to school tips to get my children ready for the new school year – I would like to offer one piece of criticism if you don’t mind. It bothers me when your magazine, which I hold in very high regard, includes quotes from secular leaders and entertainers. We are fortunate to have many gedolim and hachamim to whom we can quote from and look up to. There should be no need to quote Benjamin Franklin when we can quote Rambam, Chofetz Chaim, or Hacham Ovadia, zt”l, just to name a few.

Alan F.

Eli Cohen, Superspy

Thank you for your two-part series about Israeli superspy Eli Cohen (Saluting Eli Cohen, an Israeli Hero). What a story! I was very moved – it makes be proud to be a Jew. Eli Cohen was a hero who gave his life for the security of the State of Israel
and the Jewish people. His wife and children should have comfort in knowing that the spirit is
non-corporeal. It is the element that continues. The burial is a sign for the living, whereas the soul cannot be destroyed. You can pray for him anywhere. May his soul rest in peace.

Hymie L.