Celebrating SUKKOT 5780

Past Articles:

By: Frieda Schweky

A new and exciting initiative promises to bring profound emotional comfort to the sick and elderly of our community.

Many patients bemoan their inability to participate in the daily prayer services in the synagogue – an experience which, to our community’s credit, has become part and parcel of the daily routine of so many people. These patients crave the opportunity to hear the hazzan, to answer “amen” to his blessings and to Kaddish, and to once again feel the special closeness to Hashem and to their fellow Jews which can only be experienced in the synagogue. Being denied this privilege exacerbates the feelings of loneliness, disorientation and anguish that already afflict those who are bedridden due to a medical condition.

A number of community activists have taken it upon themselves to help these patients through the “Tefilah Cam,” which live-streams the weekday prayer service to the patient’s bedside. This unique, innovative program is already up and running every weekday in the Schweky Prayer Hall at Bnai Yosef, with the blessings of Rabbi Haim Benoliel shelita and the endorsement of Rabbi Max Sutton shelita (printed here on the opposite page). A camera has been installed in the sanctuary, and when a minyan starts, bedridden patients at home or in the hospital can stream it live. This system offers patients the priceless opportunity to take part in the service, and helps them retain their connection to their congregation – and to the Almighty Himself.

This beautiful initiative is being funded in loving memory of Yosef ben Mazal, and for a refuah shelema of Bluma bat Sprintza.

Live Streaming of the minyan in the Schweky Prayer Hall at Bnai Yosef is now active, and can be accessed from Bnai Yosef’s homepage -www.bnaiyosef.com.

May this new project bring patients the comfort, strength, and inspiration they need to fully recover so that we may all pray together in joy and good health, amen.