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By: Tammy Sassoon, M.s.ed

Does any of this sound familiar:

My son doesn’t listen to a thing I say…

My daughter doesn’t care one drop about her schoolwork…

No matter how much I give my kids, they always want more…

Will my kids ever care about just doing the right thing?!

The list goes on and on. Every parent has their own specific challenges. Let’s face it. Nobody is exempt from challenges in life. They just take on different forms for different people. Since we know that it’s our thoughts that create our experiences of life, let’s examine the thinking of people who seem to embrace life with joy, compassion, and inner peace.

People who are less overwhelmed practice the
"Zero-One Hundred Rule."

That means they put zero energy into what they have no control over, and 100% of their energy into what they DO have control over. For example, a mother recently called me up and said that she is at her wit’s end with her son refusing to go to school every morning. I had her make a list of all the things that she can't and couldcontrol about the situation. This is what she came up with:

Can't Control

My son's moods

My initial feelings of being overwhelmed

My son's wishes
to stay home

My son's personality


Can Control

Trying to understand him

How to think creatively
to motivate him

Being there for him

Being kind to myself
and taking good care
of myself

After this mom made the lists, she texted me that the next morning was much smoother. Her son didn't get out on time with the bus, (she drove him) but because she put all her energy into what she had control over. She was calmer, kinder, more creative and understanding, and her son felt more relaxed about going.

I didn't even ask her how she encouraged him, but that's irrelevant because the point is that we always come up with better ideas and solutions when we focus ONLY on what we CAN control. If you are looking to feel less overwhelmed in your life, make a long list of all the things you CAN and CAN'T control, and put 100% of your energy into the ones you can control. Any energy we put into what we can’t control is a waste of time, and depletes us of the energy we need for other things.

So, start using the “Zero-One Hundred Rule” today with something in your life that generally overwhelms you. Organically, you too will quickly become more like one of those people you used to wonder about.

All the Things I CAN’T Control





All the ThingsI CAN Control