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Looking for just the right Hanukah gifts for your family members (or yourself!) that are a little different and feature the latest technology? Take a look at these innovative high-tech gadgets and gizmos…

Instax Mini9
Instant Camera

Based on the number of teens that use them, polaroids are very much "in." This vintage-style camera, which is available in five cool colors, has been updated
with terrific  features, including a selfie mirror, faster shutter speed, and macro lens adapter.

Digital Microscope

It’s amazing what you can see with a microscope. Your kids will love collecting samples to examine with Jiusion’s compact model, as even everyday objects can reveal surprises. The handheld microscope plugs into your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone – and allows for up to 1,000X magnification. You can even use it to capture photographs or video!

VICTSING Shower Speaker

This portable speaker may be tiny, but it can really blast those tunes. It also comes in four other colors if aqua doesn't match the recipient’s bathroom design.

EMBER Temperature
Control Mug

For the person who can't be spotted without their iPhone in one hand and coffee cup in another, this temperature-controlled coffee mug ensures that their morning brew stays warm for hours after it's poured. They can even control the mug and charging coaster with their smartphone, so that their coffee is warm upon arrival.

Kindle Paperwhite

For book lovers, this struggle is real: As awesome as it may be to dive into a good read, the weight of lugging around books definitely isn't so appealing. Fortunately, this e-reader is even thinner and lighter than previous versions, even though it still holds thousands (!) of reads. Problem solved.

VICTROLA Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable

Go down memory lane with this vintage-inspired turntable. The design may take one back a few decades, but the Bluetooth functionality will allow the owner to play their up-to-the-minute favorite tunes.

Think & Learn Rocktopus

You’re never too young to start learning music skills, and the Think & Learn Rocktopus proves it. This music-playing, robotic octopus features 15 different musical instruments spanning a range of styles, allowing your kid to create tunes with little more than a press of a button. More than just a toy, the Rocktopus can help your child learn patterns, addition, and subtraction.

Makeblock mBot Smart Robot Kit

The Makeblock mBot Smart Robot kit makes it easy to introduce STEM to elementary school kids. The robot kit is comprised of modules that fit together with an enclosed screwdriver. It also has several pre-set modes that allow a child to explore essential robot functions such as obstacle avoidance and line following with minimal coding. It even is compatible with LEGO, providing endless hours of joy and creativity.

VTech Touch and Learn Activity Desk

For parents who want to introduce technology to their young children, but don’t want them to miss out on the hands-on activities that are critical to motor skills development, this one’s for you! The VTech desk meets both these needs by using a LED display, an interactive touchpad, and sound to teach math basics, music, drawing and more. The digital desk includes five activity pages to get a child started and contains expansion packs that delve

Play-Doh Touch Shape to Life Studio

Kids love Play-Doh and this kit allows them to scan their Play-Doh creations into the digital world on an iPad or another iOS device. The kit includes a familiar array of Play-Doh cans, tools, cutters, and stampers, along with a special plastic tray. If you place creations on the tray and scan them with an iPad, they come to life as characters or objects in a colorful, side-scrolling world. The creations can even jump around and explore their digital environments, and you can scan non-Play-Doh objects to serve as backgrounds.