…or what about your mortgage payments? Should healthcare costs be rivaling your mortgage payments!? Does it make sense that healthcare costs have become one of our largest monthly and yearly expenditures, up there with our mortgage and tuition payments?

My name is Chaim Lebovits. I am a business owner, a husband, and a father. Every month I found myself and my family sacrificing more and more just so that we could cover the “big three” – mortgage, tuition, and health insurance.

Combined, my mortgage payment and tuition bill cost me about $6,000 a month or about $35,000.00+ a year for tuition and $35,000+ for my mortgage.

My health insurance – which jumped from $1,400 a month to almost $1,950 in a few short years – seemed to have paled in comparison to my mortgage and tuition payments – until I did the math.

$1,950 x 12 months = $23,400. Ok, so it’s roughly $11,000 less a year than my mortgage and tuition payments, respectively – but what about the $13,000 deductible (for a family of six)? Now my health insurance is costing me $36,400 a year – that’s almost $1,500 more a year than my mortgage and tuition payments!

And by the way, that means to utilize my insurance; I would first have to spend $36,400 out-of-pocket each calendar year!

As a successful business owner, I knew this was not the answer, and I knew I had to fix this ever-growing problem.  I was in this conundrum only a few short months ago, and then I discovered health sharing. Yes, health sharing ministries are out there. Still, I had no idea that there is only ONE HealthShare anchored in our shared Judaic principle of caring for one another and sharing in each other’s burdens, and that is the United Refuah HealthShare.

United Refuah HealthShare is not insurance. United Refuah HealthShare is not an unknown corporation pursuing high-profit margins.

What is United Refuah HealthShare?

United Refuah HealthShare is a non-profit endeavor that covers medical expenses. United Refuah only includes Jewish members. United Refuah is a membership of like-minded people coming together to emancipate themselves from restrictive “inpatient” networks. Members seek to find freedom from excessive premiums/deductibles, and ultimately to escape the albatross that health insurance has become around all our necks.

Since becoming a member of United Refuah HealthShare, I anticipate a total yearly saving of almost $27,000. YES, I am saving $27,000 a year!

Here is how it works: United Refuah members pay their monthly membership fee, which remains in their share box. When a member or a provider submits a medical bill, their costs are paid for from the funds in their share box. Surplus funds stay in each member’s box and are shared amongst the members, if and when they are needed. The willingness and desire to help one another is not only part of the United Refuah HealthShare mission; it is also an essential and fundamental tenet of Judaism.

When was the last time your insurance company included a members’ Tehillim list with their monthly newsletter? Or, the last time your insurance company called you personally to follow up after an illness?

United Refuah HealthShare is a viable and cost-effective way to control your healthcare spending. If you are an Orthodox Jew struggling to keep up with your “big three” while your family continues to grow – then you need to call United Refuah HealthShare today and find out if you are qualified to become a member!

Imagine how much more you can do for your family, local schools, and local shuls if you were able to anticipate a yearly surplus of almost $30,000! What are you waiting for? Call me today, Chaim Lebovits,  (440) 772-0700.

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