June 2017

Featured Articles:
The Sandwich Man
Trump Praised by Jewish Panelists for Multiple Successes in His First 100 Days - DAVE GORDON
Smoked Schnitzel Sandwiches
The Ultimate SONAR System - Rabbi Ben Tzion Shafier
The Importance of Proper Posture in Judaism - Norman Balassiano
Making the Most of SUMMER 2017 - Ellen Kamaras
Ateret Avot Senior Living – Nurturing the Body, Mind, and Spirit - Ellen Kamaras
The Completed Expansion of Ohel Yaacob Congregation, Lawrence Avenue Synagogue - Kelly Jemal Massry
The Life and Legacy of Hacham Avraham Dweck-Khalousi, zt”l - David Mizrahi
The Jewish World Unites for a Young Mother - Barbara Bensoussan

  May 2017

Featured Articles:
Lag B'Omer: The Beauty in Every Jew - Tziporah Heller
Camp Israel: A New Summer Camp Experience in Israel - DAVE GORDON
“A Price Paid in Blood” - DAVE GORDON
The Science of Sleep - Zamir Cohen
Peleh the Boy Wonder
With the Arrival of Spring, It’s Time to Hit the Reset Button - Ellen Kamaras
It Will All Become Clear - Rabbi David Ashear
ELA (English) and Math Scores 2016 - Madeleine Broder
Which Doctor? - David Silverberg and Kelly Jemal Massry
Good Deeds Day at the Sephardic Community Center - Frieda Haber

  April 2017

Featured Articles:
Mishnah Berurah Tiferet - LEON SAKKAL
Makot Insights: A TIME TO LAUGH - Rabbi Daniel Doron Levy
Shaare Torah Health Fair Promotes Active Living and Good Decision-Making - Monique Esses
2017 Recommended Passover Product List For Sephardic Communities By the J.S.O.R.
Lifetime Lessons - Alyssa Elbogen
The Science of Shechita - Zamir Cohen
Avoiding “Pesach Overwhelm”: Practicing Mindfulness In Your Pesach Preparations - ELLEN KAMARAS
Shehebar Sephardic Center – 35 Years of Spiritual Leadership - Sarina Roffé
The Army of Today - Tuvia Cohen
Is the Advancement of Medical Technology a Sign That We Are Living In The Messianic Age? - Dov Lipman
Peleh the Boy Wonder Have You Ever Wondered… - Efraim Harari
Strive to Survive Run - Frieda Haber
Prayer is For Everyone - Rabbi David Ashear