June 2018

Featured Articles:
A Spark of Inspiration - Y. Dror
B’Matanot Yado: With the Gifts of His Hands The Life and Legacy of Mr. Albert Azar - Kelly Jemal Massry
Reach for the Stars Learning Center - School for Children with Autism Their Success Is in Their Results! - Machla Abramovitz
Congregation Magen David of West Deal to Open a New Mikveh
What Are the Chances??? - Pnina S. Souid
Mossad’s Secret Mission Findings in Iran Leads to Trump’s Withdrawal from Nuclear Deal - DAVE GORDON
One Click Is All It Takes… - Dave Gordon
Are You Looking to Take Your Business to the Next Level? - Chana Green
New Archaeological Discoveries Salute The Torah - DAVE GORDON
Tips for Joyful Living with Parents and In-Laws for the Summer - Ellen Kamaras
Hot Gadgets for Summer 2018
Home is Where the Is - Karen Behfar
Chesed 24/7 Gets Closer to Home
Bonding Through Sensory Play - Hudi Schweky

  May 2018

Featured Articles:
SBH's Big Brother Big Sister Program: Making a Difference One Child at a Time - Frieda Schweky
The Color of Torah - Rabbi Yosef P. Glassman
With Regesh You`re Never Alone - Machla Abramovitz
Is Your Child Ready For Sleepaway Camp? - Ellen Geller Kamaras
How to Find and Hire Contractors - Karen Behfar
How to Find and Hire Contractors - Karen Behfar
Give Up Being Right - Norman Balassiano
The Model Daughter-in-law - ELLEN GELLER KAMARAS
Expert Career Help Available for Community Members - Pnina S. Souid
Yeshivat Darche Eres Recognized by Torah Umesorah as SCHOOL OF THE YEAR
Community Leaders Join Chasdei Lev and SBH in Pre-Pesach Distribution Event - Miriam Grazi
Preparing For The Torah Between Pesach And Shavuot - Y.Dror
Lives in the Balance, the Stories of Women - By the PROPEL Team

  August 2015

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