March 2017

Featured Articles:
The Purist and The Skeptic - Alyssa Elbogen
Purim Ponderings - Rabbi Daniel Levy
Pathways to a Powerful and Meaningful Purim - Ellen Kamaras
Spy in the sky - Tuvia Cohen
The Homework Debate - Kelly Jemal Massry
Practicing Judaism in Space Jewish Astronauts Reflect Upon Their Time in Outer Space - Dave Gordon
There Is Always Another Option - Rabbi David Ashear
Shabbat of Sanctity Dirshu’s 20th Anniversary International Convention
Introducing UCEF: The New Tuition Solution - Kelly Jemal Massry

  February 2017

Featured Articles:
As the saying goes, “what goes around comes around.” - Alyssa Eliza Elbogen
Showing Kindness Through Compassion, Connection, and Community - Ellen Kamaras
Candy and Cattle - DAVE GORDON
Shaare Torah Girls Elementary Division Jewish History Timeline Exhibition - Frieda Haber
One Hundred Years Later: Commemorating the Balfour Declaration’s Validation of the Jewish Homeland - DAVE GORDON
Summaries of Key Agreements
When It’s Our Turn to Take Care of Them The unique challenges of caring for our community’s seniors - Kelly Jemal Massry
Living With Nobility - Rabbi David Ashear

  January 2017

Featured Articles:
The Discovery of Auriculotherapy
How ‘Essential’ Are Essential Oils - Alyssa Elbogen
Shaare Torah’s Boys Junior High Shabbaton
Magen David Yeshivah High School’s Sephardic Heritage Trip: A First-Hand Account - Frieda Haber
How to Enjoy Winter Break Without Breaking the Bank - Ellen Kamaras
Selecting the Right P3 Provider for your Child - SAM SUTTON
Travel Savvy: How to Avoid Getting Scammed - DAVE GORDON
Q&A with Michel Faulkner
Is This New York’s Next Mayor? Michel Faulkner is ready to fix your problems. - DAVE GORDON
The Sephardic Heritage Museum: Saving Lives, Preserving Souls - KELLY JEMAL MASSRY