September 2017

Featured Articles:
The Hayim Aruchim Sephardic Division Helping Families Make Critical Health Care Decisions - Machla Abramovitz
Is Organic Food Really Better? - DAVE GORDON
Sefer Torah Dedication Honors Rabbi Edmond Nahum - Jolie Greiff
Debt and How It Can Affect Your Health - Norman Balassiano
Hi-Tech Gadgets For Back To School
Finding Your Spark in the New Year 5778
Research Proves Talmud’s Statement: Olive Oil is Good for Your Memory - Maayan Kfir
The Ultimate Flying Machine - Tuvia Cohen
Do What You Love For Those That You Love - Bonnie Azoulay

  August 2017

Featured Articles:
HaGaon HaRav Shalom Cohen Encourages All to Study Daily Halacha - Chaim Cohen
Hitchhike on the Turnpike - Ellen Gellar Kamaras
Experience the Thrill of Mountain Biking with a Seasoned Professional
Expanded Screening Across Sephardic, Ashkenazi, and Mizrahi Communities Helps Ensure the Health of Future Generations of Jews - Hillary Kener
YMSL Deal Softball League Ends 42nd Season in Dramatic Fashion
Spain’s Offer of Citizenship to Descendants of Sephardic Jews to Expire in 2018 - Sarina Roffé
Secrets of The Food Industry Revealed - DAVE GORDON
Has the Media Lost Its Credibility? - DAVE GORDON
Back to School 2017: What’s Your Vison? - ELLEN GELLER KAMARAS
Israeli Invention Stops Brain Tumors From Growing

  July 2017

Featured Articles:
Salute To the High School Graduates of 2017
Jewish Parenting & Food - Norman Balassiano
Monkey See, Monkey Do - Ari Waldman
A Look At Current US-ISRAEL Relations with Foreign Policy Analyst Mitchell Bard - DAVE GORDON
Deal Mayor Sam Cohen Welcomes the Community
Why Vounteer? - Ellen Kamaras
Emanuel Licensed Home Care Services: The Exciting Alternative to Traditional Home Care - ELLEN GELLER KAMARAS