July 2019

Featured Articles:
“What are You Going to Do, if You Don’t Know What to Do?”
The Sunshine Girls Visiting Program - Frieda Schweky
Rabbi David Perets Carries on the Tradition of Hacham Levy as Panama’s Chief Rabbi - Machla Abramovitz
Saluting Eli Cohen, An Israeli Hero – Part 1 - Dave Gordon
YMSL: A Historic League with a New Chapter - Saul Tawil
Salute To the High School Graduates of 2019
Steps to Take to Keep Kids Safe at Camp
Landlord’s Guide to Renting Your Property
The Wealth of Health Is Not Out of Reach - Mordechai Katz

  June 2019

Featured Articles:
How to Make the Most of Your Free Time This Summer - Ellen Geller Kamaras
SZ Connect: Helping Community Singles Split the Sea - Rabbi David Maslaton
DSN Academy for Seniors – All You Have to Do Is Ask - Mozelle Forman
Uniting the Jewish People – One Page at a Time! - Mozelle Forman
A Shabbat of Chinuch at the Jersey Shore - Machla Abramovitz
Healing the Body and Soul - Frieda Schweky
A Shabbat of Chinuch at the Jersey Shore - Machla Abramovitz
Allergy Safety in the Summer - Frieda Schweky
Lions, and Leopards, and Rhinos, Dave’s Adventures Across Southern Africa - Dave Gordon
The Journey of the ArtScroll Sephardic Siddur Schottenstein Edition
Preparing for ShavUOt - Yissachar Dror
It Can Happen to You – Be Prepared for Hurricane Season
Are You Ready To Take The ‘No Phone Challenge’? - Helen Gindi
Fun Summer G izmos & adgets

  May 2019

Featured Articles:
Not All Superheroes Wear Capes, DJ Wore a Smile - Frieda Schweky
Israeli Election Results: More Mandates for Shas and the Right Wing - Dave Gordon
Politicos and Statesmen Line Up Behind Israel at AIPAC 2019 - Dave Gordon
Apartment Security Tips to Consider This Spring and Summer
Grace,s Paintings - More Than Just Paint on Canvas - Frieda Schweky
SBH Tawil Family Jersey Branch Grows a Vegetable Garden! - Grace Ohayon
The Value of Silence - Rabbi Yosef P. Glassman
Tzniut – It’s Not Just About Clothes - Ellen Geller Kamaras
PROPEL: Lives in the Balance, the Stories of Women - Alissa Shams and Randi Eisenstein
One Dream. One Family