September 2019

Featured Articles:
If You Only Vote Republican, You Need to Read This - Sari Setton, Executive Director, SCF
Hello Fall, Goodbye Summer - ELLEN GELLER KAMARAS
Back to School Gizmos & Gadgets
If Every Person Was a Matchmaker…
Back to School Allergy Guide with The Nut Job Mom - Frieda Schweky
Helping Singles Through Blessings, Inspiration, and Prayer - Pnina Souid
How Jury Duty Prepared Me for Rosh Hashanah - Rabbi Boruch Leff
Uniting Around Torah: Sephardic Community Gears Up for Siyum HaShas 2020
White Walkers Crowned DEAL YMSL SOFTBALL CHAMPIONS - Norman Jemal
TIKVOT – Unleashing the Winner Within - Ellen Geller Kamaras
Hesed Spotlight: Ezra Cornman Bar Mitzvah Foundation - Frieda Schweky
We broke the cycle of poverty – From recipient to giver - Machla Abramovitz

  August 2019

Featured Articles:
Should My Child Be Evaluated for Dyslexia? - Sari Cohen M.S. SP. ED W.D.P
From the Files of the Mitzvah Man Hesed Stories - Pnina S. Souid
Torah Luminaries Light Up The Jersey Shore - Machla Abramovitz
Mysterious Rock Eating Worm Discovered
From Lakewood to Iraq and Back - Machla Abramovitz
The First Annual Legends Softball Classic Hits a Home Run for CARE - Freida Schweky
A Look at the Top Democratic Presidential Candidates - Dave Gordon
Saluting Eli Cohen, An Israeli Hero – Part 2 - Dave Gordon
Getting Your Children Excited About the New School Year - ELLEN GELLER KAMARAS
Community Rabbis Get “Prepped” for Siyum Hashas - Mozelle Forman

  July 2019

Featured Articles:
“What are You Going to Do, if You Don’t Know What to Do?”
The Sunshine Girls Visiting Program - Frieda Schweky
Rabbi David Perets Carries on the Tradition of Hacham Levy as Panama’s Chief Rabbi - Machla Abramovitz
Saluting Eli Cohen, An Israeli Hero – Part 1 - Dave Gordon
YMSL: A Historic League with a New Chapter - Saul Tawil
Salute To the High School Graduates of 2019
Steps to Take to Keep Kids Safe at Camp
Landlord’s Guide to Renting Your Property
The Wealth of Health Is Not Out of Reach - Mordechai Katz