January 2019

Featured Articles:
A prince and a great man in Israel have fallen (Samuel II: 3-38). - Jack R. Avital
Paragons of Humble Leadership: The Inspiring Legacy of Our Chief Rabbis - Rabbi Max Sutton, Rosh Bet Din Aram Soba
Hacham Shaul Rahamim J. Kassin – the Early Years - Sarina Roffé
TOVAH FAMILY FARMS: “From Harvest to Product in One Day” - Ellen Geller Kamaras
In Harmony: Remembering Our Crown Jewel… Chief Rabbi Hacham Shaul Yaakov Kassin, zt”l - Sophia Franco
STRAIGHT TALK Sage Advice from Rabbi Avigdor Miller, zt”l
Trump`s Report Card Two Years in - Dave Gordon
Stranded Motorist Winter Survival Tips
Shaare Torah’s “Escape the Room – a Hanukah Adventure” Deemed Highly Successful - Frieda Schweky
Ma’or Yeshiva High School Ignites the Spark of Hesed in Their Students - Frieda Schweky
Our Leader, Our Teacher, Our Shield – Mourning the Loss of Hacham Shaul, zt”l - Kelly Jemal Massry
Moroccan Community Takes Off in Jackson, New Jersey - Machla Abramovitz
PROPEL: Top Ten Takeaways from Our Panel - Raquel Shalam, Life & Career Coach
Reflections Classic Tales and Quotes from Family and Community Members
Nafal Ateret Rosheinu – Rabbi Yosef Galimindi’s Remembers Chief Rabbi Hacham Shaul Kassin, zt”l - Rabbi Yosef Galimidi Edmond J.
The Shalshelet: Strengthening Our Bond to Our Predecessors
A Role Model for Us All - Words of Rabbi Saul J. Kassin
In Love with the Holy Land - Words of Rabbi Saul J. Kassin
Its Amazing! Exploring the Mysteries of the Animal Kingdom - Efraim Harari
Winter Travel Tips

  December 2018

Featured Articles:
The Sounds and Spirit of Brooklyn in the Deep South - Pnina Souid
PROPEL: Inspiring Interior Designers in our Community – Joyce Silverman, Natalie Kraiem, and Sarah, a Propel Client - Alissa Shams and Randi Eisenstein
From the Mitzvah Man Files WHAT ONE ACT OF KINDNESS CAN DO - Pnina S. Souid
Back to Basics Hanukah - Ellen Geller Kamaras
Midterm Musings What do the results of the 2018 elections mean for Trump, for America, and for Israel? - Machla Abramovitz
One Nation, One Heart Community Members Visit Pittsburgh in Warm Show of Support - Frieda Schweky
Tips to Help Protect Your Home Against Cold Weather This Winter
Kings Highway Beautification Association, Making Quality of Life a Priority - Frieda Schweky
Praying for Israel Former IDF Chief of Staff, General Moshe Ya’alon, Gives Sober Assessment of the Jewish State’s Current Security Situation - Machla Abramovitz
Hanukah’s Message is Perfectly Imperfect - Rabbi Zamir Cohen
Hanukah Gift Gadget Guide
Dominican Republic: A Tourist Haven with a Hidden Jewish History - DAVE GORDON

  November 2018

Featured Articles:
WHY VOLUNTEER? - Ellen Geller Kamaras
PROPEL: Investing in Community Women to Help Them Discover Their Pas-sion, Profession, and Earning Potential - Alissa Shams and Randi Eisenstein
UCEF Tackling the Tuition Crisis One Business Transaction at a Time - Frieda Schweky
Community Members Join Together at the Reach for the Stars Fourth Annual Carnival - Frieda Schweky
Fall Back Safely: When Setting Your Clocks – Check Your Smoke Detectors
Synchronizing Your Body Clock and Behavior
Are Your Tefillin and Mezuzot Kosher? - Pnina Souid
Meet Israeli Entrepreneur Uri Levine Co-founder of the Waze Navigation App - DAVE GORDON
M&S Softball: Community Softball at its Finest - Sam Sutton
Why Hanukah Gelt? - Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf