November 2016

Featured Articles:
Taking Care of Hashem’s Children Bnei Melachim Provides Much-Needed Support for Widows and Orphans - Kelly Jemal Massry
A Torah Scroll Restored: Rescued From Syria and Brought to Our Community Synagogue - Kelly Jemal Massry
Partnering for Positive Changes in the Shidduch Process - Ellen Kamaras
Don’t Cry Over Spilt… Balsamic Vinegar - L. Azar
How does an airplane or a rocket fly?
Saying Goodbye to Shimon Peres – A Man of Discipline and Heart - DAVE GORDON
The Cockatoo - Efraim Harari
Travel Savvy: How to Avoid Getting Scammed - DAVE GORDON
Conventional Dairy Farms: The Truth Revealed - Alyssa Elbogen

  October 2016

Featured Articles:
The Important Work of the Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol - Kelly Jemal Massry
To Give is to Love: The SBH Hesed Mission in Memory of Stephanie Sultan - Alice Hedeya and Kelly Jemal Massey
Grateful for Every Blessing: The Long Life of Rosette Kassin - Kelly Jemal Massry
Trump: Preferable or Preposterous? - DAVE GORDON
How to Pick the Perfect Etrog - DAVE GORDON
The Dam Builders - Tuvia Cohen
Staying Positive and Balanced During the Hagim - Ellen Kamaras

  September 2016

Featured Articles:
Community M.D.
Hacham Yom Tov Yedid, zt”l - Sophia Franco
Mikdash Melech Holds an Evening of Celebration in Deal, NJ as They Complete Shas - Ami Sasson
Breadberry Taste with Victoria Dwek
Woman to Woman - Miriam Sasson
Our Syrian Jewish Community – A Century of Accomplishment - Sarina Roffé
Venezuela’s Jews Facing Uncertain Future - DAVE GORDON
A Fresh Approach to the New School Year - Ellen Kamaras
How Do Bar Codes Work?
Helping Children Feel Understood - Tammy Sassoon
Smooth Transitions: Six Tips for Optimizing Your Child’s Transition to High School - Mozelle Forman
Gadgets and Gizmos
The Pioneer of Outreach - Dave Gordon
Why We Are So Resistant to the Word ? - Alyssa Elbogen