102 Miraculous Years

The Volunteers Than Never Sleep July 2016

They are your neighbors, fellow synagogue members, or perhaps your son’s rebbe. They seem like your average person, but they are anything but. These selfless volunteers are like angels in disguise, generously giving of their time, energy and emotions to save lives, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They might miss Shabbat meals, Read More »

By Eva Kairey

Emergence Of The Digital Daf July 2016

Much has changed since the Daf Yomi daily learning program was conceived in 1923, including advances in technology, which have made the complex intricacies of the Talmud more widely accessible. The first step in the process of Talmudic technologization was the emergence of taped recordings of Daf Yomi classes to assist those who desired to Read More »

By David Silverberg

Prayer And Community… And Inspiration July 2016

“From all of the communities that I have seen in the world, there is not one that can compare to the Syrian community.” As the voice of Rabbi Yonah Metzger, Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi of Israel, echoed throughout the Monmouth University stadium, I surveyed the breathtaking scene taking place around me. Just one week before the Read More »

By Frances Hadad

Leader Of The Generation: Hacham Ezra Attieh Z.s.l. July 2016

During his 45 years as head of one of the world’s most influential yeshivas, the revered sage, Hacham Ezra Attieh z.s.l., developed and trained the greatest Sephardic leaders in the modern era, including Hacham Baruch Ben-Haim z.s.l., Hacham Mordechai Eliyahu z.s.l., Hacham Ben Zion Abba Shaul z.s.l., Hacham Yizhak Kaduri z.s.l., and sheyibadelu lehaim tovim Read More »

By E.c. Aboud

Do The Ends Justify The Means? July 2016

Robin Hood wasn’t Jewish – and neither were his methods of alleviating poverty. As children we all read or heard of the story of Robin Hood, the English folk hero who, together with a fellow group of outlaws, would steal money and possessions from the rich in order to give them to the poor. Robin Read More »

By Rabbi Eli J. Mansour
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