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Kindness In Response To Crisis July 2016

Following a frightful string of calamities on the communal and national levels, Sam Gindi, a longtime congregant at Shaare Zion, came up with a plan. In the wake of the havoc and chaos from Hurricane Sandy; horrific news of young children passing away; an increasing number of adults out of work; and so many youngsters Read More »

By Kelly Jemal Massry

Do We Have A Crisis Of Faith? July 2016

One afternoon this past spring, a high school girl from a major Orthodox Jewish community called the Ani Maamin Foundation (AMF). The girl, who attends one of her community’s finest Bet Yaakov schools, had an unusual request: a private seminar in Emunah – the fundamentals of Jewish faith – for herself and her classmates. Rabbi Read More »

By Aryeh Zev Narrow

A Case For Party Rules July 2016

When Rachel and Joe’s daughter got engaged, it should have been one of the happiest times in their lives. But because of their tight financial situation, the simha (happy occasion) was marred by the inevitable question: How would they pay for the wedding and all the other expenses that come along with it? Joe was Read More »

By Sarah Massry

Brides On A Budget July 2016

Whichever way you slice it, making a wedding is expensive. But planning a wedding on a budget doesn’t necessarily mean you need to sacrifice elegance or ambiance where it counts. There are many ways to significantly cut expenses, while maintaining a dignified and enjoyable affair. Community Magazine spoke with some experts in the field, including Read More »

By Sarah Massry

Shaare Torah’s Surrogate Survivors July 2016

In about three decades from now, in 2045, the world will mark the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War II. And Mr. Irving Roth of Long Island, once an inmate of the Nazis’ notorious Auschwitz concentration camp, has been wondering, what that commemoration will look like. How will the horrors of the Holocaust Read More »

By Pnina Simon Souid
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