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Breadberry Setting The Gold Standard In Kosher Gourmet Shopping July 2016

More and more, the oft-heard complaint that the kosher food industry is lagging behind non-kosher food is becoming a thing of the past. It wasn’t so long ago that someone who wanted smoked-lamb-with-lemon-confit bad enough would have to seek that out in Israel. But that was then, and this is now. Today, it seems, more Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Not Your Typical Kosher Restaurant July 2016

Jeff Aeder, owner of Milt’s Barbecue for the Perplexed, Chicago’s hottest kosher restaurant, isn’t in the kosher restaurant business at all... Milt’s Barbecue for the Perplexed was named one of the best new restaurants of 2013 by Chicago Magazine, and recently ranked runner-up in Time Out Chicago’s reader contest to find the best new barbecue joint in the Read More »

By Yvette Alt Miller

Secretly Healthy July 2016

Scenario One:Savory aromas of perfectly cooked gourmet food fill the air. The table is neatly set and the family is presented with a balanced,healthy meal of brown rice, steamed spinach, and seasoned chicken breast with a light side salad. Yet the mood quickly turns sour as one child suspiciously eyes the food announcing, “I’m not Read More »

By Chaya Steinman

Genetics And The Bible July 2016

Is it possible that the two most revolutionary laws in genetics discovered in recent generations – Mendel’s Laws of Inheritance and the Law of Heterosis – appear in the Torah? Amazingly, the answer is an unequivocal “yes.” These laws supposedly discovered in the modern era were actually revealed in the prophetic dream of Yaakov over Read More »

By Rabbi Zamir Cohen

Life In The Big City July 2016

Electronic Waste Ban Now in Effect As of January 2015, it is illegal to discard electronics in the trash or at the curb. The electronics covered by this New York State law include computers and their peripherals, televisions, fax machines, VCRs, DVD players, printers/scanners, video game consoles, MP3 players, tablets, and small servers. You can Read More »

Preparing For Purim July 2016

The Hebrew month of Adar is here and joy is in the air. As the festive holiday of Purim approaches, preparation is in order. It’s time to prepare mishloah manot baskets for friends and family, set aside money for matanot la’evyonim, get some costumes for the big and little ones alike, and make a menu Read More »

By Frances Haddad

Hi-tech Kitchen Gadgets July 2016

As technology grows, it seems that convenience has become a necessity in order to keep up with an ever faster-paced world. The one place where time seems to still go slowly is in the kitchen. They say a watched pot never boils, but with the latest in kitchen technology, you won’t even need to be Read More »

By Morris Massry

Shaare Torah Parashah Program Expands Horizons July 2016

Shaare Torah Boys Elementary School in Brooklyn has embarked on a program that brings parashah learning to a new level, to the delight of both parents and students alike. Through a combination of home learning, riddles, testing, prizes and incentives, students have been brought a fresh approach to Torah knowledge. Each week, the boys receive Read More »

By Dave Gordon

To Your Health July 2016

Is it a Cold or the Flu? You’re feeling pretty lousy. You’ve got sniffles, sneezing, and a sore throat. Is it a cold or is it the flu? It can be hard to tell them apart because they share so many symptoms. But colds and flu are caused by different viruses, and understanding the differences Read More »

Zecher Lamahatzit Hashekel The Commemoration Of The Half-shekel July 2016

1                What is the mitzvah of mahatzit hashekel? In the times of the Bet Hamikdash, there was a mitzvah for every adult male to donate a half-shekel each year to the Bet Hamikdash. The money was collected and stored in a vault (called the lishkah) in the compound of the Bet Hamikdash, and three Read More »

By Rabbi Daniel D. Levy
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