Celebrating 15 Years Of Community

Woman To Woman July 2016

Ice pops? In the middle of February? If they’re UrbanPops – yes! Thinking about winter’s long freezing, days brings to mind neither the warmth nor the aroma of hot cocoa and marshmallows ‘round the fireplace; rather, they bring to mind the delicious chill of Mrs. Sophia Cohen’s famed UrbanPops, now under OK supervision. Community members Read More »

A Spider-sitter’s Tale July 2016

Recalling your babysitting days of yore may bring to mind memories of cordless phones, nosh, a sheaf of notes, and a nice, cozy couch. Though I have not babysat in years, last week I actually did. But this most recent babysitting job involved none of those memories. You see, I was in my own home, Read More »

By L. Azar

The Shaatra Files July 2016

Forget about it! Forget about…using Saran wrap in the microwave. You’ve most probably heard someone in your life urge you against it, and you’ve wondered: Why? When the plastic that covers your favorite dish heats up, unhealthy chemicals are released and subtly absorb themselves into your unsuspecting food. That is particularly a no-no when food Read More »

By Miriam Sasson

Words Of Rabbi Eli J. Mansour July 2016

…a person should learn Torah and perform mitzvot even if he is not genuinely motivated, - performing the mitzvah for the wrong reasons can lead him to eventually perform the mitzvah for the right reasons. Perfecting Through Bonding Part of being human is being limited, the inability to do everything we want to do.  So Read More »

This Month’s Topic: Human Anatomy July 2016

Why do we shiver when we are cold? We shiver in an effort to keep ourselves warm. The human body needs to stay at a temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When you feel cold, tiny sensors in your skin send messages to your brain. In an attempt to avoid hypothermia (where the body temperature drops to dangerous levels), your Read More »

Positive Parenting July 2016

One of the differences between average parents and expert parents is the ability to delve into the child’s head and understand what motivates him or her. In order for you to really make your child WANT to listen to you, a deep understanding of human motivation is required. “Nothing motivates my child” are words that Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon

Food Décor Or Creative Culinary July 2016

Esther Sassoon When catering parties I love to use creativity in planning for a spectacular centerpiece. The centerpiece is usually the focal point of the table and sets the mood of the party. Although flowers and balloons are the usual choice, I love to play around with the very beautiful desserts that I make to Read More »

Letters July 2016

ATIME Shas-A-Thon I really enjoyed last month’s cover story, titled “Bringing hope through Torah,” that featured Rabbi David Ozeri on the cover. Besides bringing to light the accomplishments and goals of ATIME and its annual Shas-A-Thon fundraiser, the article showed in a discreet way the type of influence Rabbi Ozeri has had and continues to Read More »

In 2016 I Want To Be ….organized! July 2016

Marie Torgueman (Professional Organizer & Owner of Hangers Plus) Our calendars are filled. We’re so busy with our families, friends, work, school, holidays, and many social occasions, B”H. With so much going on you might say, “I’m too busy to stay organized!” Truly everyone CAN stay organized and the busier you are, the more organized Read More »

The Lighter Side July 2016

Job Reference Henry was sick of his job and was determined to find work elsewhere. But no matter how hard he tried, his reputation as someone who was not dedicated to the job, seemed to follow him around. One day the phone rang at his office. Although Henry did not usually pick up the phone, Read More »

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