Commemorating The First Yahrtzeit Of Hacham Ovadia Yosef zt''l

Edmund J Safra Synagogue Dedicates New Sefer Torah In Memory Of Hacham Ovadia Yosef And Hacham Baruch Ben Haim July 2016

A firsthand account of the historic trip by members of the Edmund J Safra Synagogue to dedicate a new Sefer Torah in memory of Hacham Baruch Ben Haim  and Hacham Ovadia Yosef - marking the first Yahrtzeit of the sage's passing. Just over a year ago, on 3 Marheshvan, 5774, the world lost one of Read More »

Meet The “app Rebbe” July 2016

How the Real Clear Daf App is opening new possibilities for all Jews to experience the ecstatic feeling that Torah study brings. Rabbi Shmuel Wise I always thought I'd become a yeshiva rebbe. But, as it so often happens, Gd does not always take us where we thought He would. And thus although I have Read More »

Secrets Of The Dreidel July 2016

The dreidel is not just for kids.  This ancient Hanukah tradition is laden with profound meaning and significance as revealed by our sages. When I visit Israel, I try as much possible to spend time with some of the righteous sages living there to learn from their conduct and customs.  One such visit led to Read More »

Professor Noe Ital – December 2014 July 2016

What is solar energy?  Solar energyis light and heat that comes from the sun. The rays of light and beams of heat from the sun contain energy that can be changed into electricity through a device called a solar cell or solar panel. Solar cells are made of a material that absorbs energy from the Read More »

Man In The Kitchen July 2016

Special Hanukah Edition Chocolate coins, candles and dreidels are all well and good - but from a culinary standpoint, Hanukah is a celebration of oil and all things fried and what can possibly be wrong with that? EVERYTHING tastes better when it’s deep fried! The trick is to use the right oil (olive oil isn’t Read More »

Mbrouks July 2016

Births – Baby Boy Rabbi David & Ruthie Harari Raful Isaac & Tova Schweky Rabbi Mikey & Carol Hazan Rabbi Moshe & Shoshana Laniado Joseph & Raquel Mansour Rabbi Eliyahu & Carol Hazan Marc & Aviva Hazan Salim & Sheila Mineh Births –Baby Girl Jack & Lorraine Cohen Rabbi Yechiel & Raizel Elbaz Rabbi Danny Read More »

Letters July 2016

Article Request Dear Editor, There has been much discussion lately about the subject of fulltime Torah study and the elite few who choose this distinguished lifestyle. I recall that some years ago Community Magazine ran an article by Rabbi Eli Mansour which provided eloquent elucidation of this very subject. I think it would be most Read More »

Incredible Stats And Facts – December 2014 July 2016

Shortest Cat Lilleput, a nine-year-old female Munchkin cat, measures 5.25 inches from the floor to the shoulders. She holds the record for the world’s shortest cat. 2.      Fastest Walking Dog on Two Legs Walking upright on his two hind legs, Jiff the Pomeranian covered 32 feet in 6.56 seconds at TOPS Kennels in Illinois on Read More »

Hanukkah – Way More Than Just Doughnuts! July 2016

Whether you spell it “Chanukah” or “Hanukkah,” the eight-day “festival of lights” will soon be upon us, and never has its powerful message rung louder than it does now in our times. As the cold winter gradually tightens its grip, the sight of fried treats, dreidels, and the gentle glow of the menorah bring us Read More »

By Leon Sakkal

Dollars And Sense – December 2014 July 2016

How to Choose a Career, Part I Every person has an interest in a particular vocation or type of commerce to the exclusion of others, for which Hashem has instilled in him a natural love and affinity. (Hovot Halevavot, Shaar Habitahon Ch. 3) Every person has a unique mission, and is charged by Hashem to Read More »

By Rabbi Max Anteby
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