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The Secret To A Worry Free Life July 2016

rd-working high school student: “Why do you study so hard?” “I want to get good grades.” “Why do you want good grades?” “So I’ll get into a good college.” “Why do you want to get into a good college?” “I want to be a doctor or a lawyer.” “Why do you want to be a Read More »

By Rabbi David Ashear

The First Jew In America July 2016

A neighbor of mine here in Israel once showed me a very rare certificate – perhaps the only one in Israel – called “Daughters of the Mayflower.” She was a direct descendant of the Pilgrims, who in 1620 sailed away from the religious persecution of Holland to the New World, and a year later, having Read More »

By Baruch Sterman

Shaare Torah Girls School Publishes Extraordinary Holocaust Anthology July 2016

All students at Shaare Torah Girls Elementary School receive an exemplary education, but now, thanks to the insight and creativity of the school’s outstanding staff, many of them are published authors. For the last five years, the sixth-grade curriculum has included intensive study about the Holocaust, as the topic is incorporated into every subject in Read More »

By Debbie Stern

Remembering The Holocaust…in 2045 July 2016

Yeshivat Shaare Torah Boy’s Elementary School has been preparing its eighth graders for a vital historical role they will play 32 years from now, in the year 2045. The innovative “Adopt a Survivor” program is the brainchild of Mr. Irving Roth, a Holocaust survivor who spent time at the notorious Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps, Read More »

By Pnina Souid

Significance Of A Name July 2016

Our sages teach that when a person leaves this world, “the Angel of Death smites his grave and says: ‘Arise and tell me your name.’ If he has forgotten it, he is placed on trial.” This account gives rise to a number of questions. Why doesn’t the Angel of Death ask what the deceased accomplished Read More »

By Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson
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