December 2015

Bringing Light Into Their Lives Hanukah At The Special Children’s Center July 2016

For typical families, life can be hectic Most are consumed with child-rearing, finances, meals, errands, and the like.. For families of special needs children, though, the stress of meeting these obligations can be overwhelming. These families especially appreciate The Special Children's Center, which runs numerous programs geared toward the special needs population and their families Read More »

By By: Miriam Sasson

Four Members Only July 2016

The Case Norman purchased five permanent seats in a prominent synagogue in his neighborhood. When he arrived for the first time on the High Holidays, on the first night of Rosh Hashanah, he discovered that only four seats were assigned to his family. Norman confronted the synagogue coordinator, who apologized for the mistake, and, as Read More »

By By: Rabbi Max Sutton
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