How Many Tentacles Does a Squid Have? April 2020

The squid belongs to a group of marine mollusks called cephalopods. The octopus and cuttlefish are also included in this group. The word cephalopod means “head-foot” and describes how the limbs of these sea creatures seem to be attached directly to their heads. Although all cephalopods have quite a few arms, not all cephalopods have Read More »

Why Are Dogs Often Called “Man’s Best Friend”? February 2020

Domestic dogs have been loyal pets for people since the earliest of times. They are smart, playful, and helpful creatures. Besides being prized as pets, dogs are also used to protect and assist people. They can be taught to understand hundreds of human words, and can be trained for all types of important jobs. Dogs Read More »

By Efraim Harari

What Is the Largest Kosher Fish? January 2020

The female blue marlin is the largest kosher fish in the sea. Female blue marlins, which can grow up to four times the weight of males, can reach up to sixteen feet in length, and weigh over 1900 pounds! Males rarely exceed 350 pounds. The blue marlin is quite a magnificent creature, with deep cobalt Read More »

By Efraim Harari

THE TIGER February 2017

The tiger is the largest member of the cat family and is recognized for its awesome power and strength, as well as for its beauty and its famous stripes. Generally, the color of the tiger’s fur varies between shades of orange and brown. The tiger has a white belly and a long tail. Narrow, vertical, Read More »

By Efraim Harari

THE CHAMELEON January 2017

The chameleon is a very distinctive and well-known species of lizard that possesses exceptionally unique features. Some of its more striking features include peculiarprotruding eyes; a long, sticky tongue; crests and horns atop their odd-shaped heads; and of course their ability to change the color of their skin (although not all chameleons have this capability). Read More »

By Efraim Harari

THE MOOSE December 2016

The moose is the largest member of the deer family, as well as one of the tallest mammals (second to the bison) that inhabit North America. Moose are most noted for their huge antlers (which only the males have). The antlers can span six feet across, from tip to tip, and are quite heavy; they Read More »

By Efraim Harari

THE RAM October 2016

The ram is an adult male sheep. Adult female sheep are called ewes, and baby sheep are called lambs. The ram is mostly noted for its huge, curled horns. The larger the horns, the more prestigious it is for the ram, since the horns serve as a symbol of status and are used as dangerous weapons Read More »

By Efraim Harari

THE FLAMINGO September 2016

Flamingos are tall, elegant, beautifully colored birds that live and feed in shallow waters. While there are six different species of flamingos, the general anatomy of them all is basically the same: long legs, long neck, curved bill, webbed feet, yellow eyes, and, of course, a colorful plumage. (Plumage is the layer of feathers that Read More »

By Efraim Harari

THE CRANE August 2016

The crane is a large, long-beaked bird that is found nearly all over the world. Cranes live on every continent, with the exceptions of the Antarctic and South America. There are fifteen different species of cranes. Most species require large areas of open space and can be found inhabiting the temperate wetlands and swamps throughout Read More »

By Efraim Harari


The cheetah is a large and powerful feline (member of the cat family) that was once found throughout Africa and Asia and even in parts of Europe. Today, however, cheetahs are confined to only a few remote regions in Africa and Iran. Whereas in the early 1900’s, there were over 100,000 cheetahs living in the Read More »

By Efraim Harari
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