Guarding the Sanctuary: New Initiative to Provide Protection for Israel's Synagogues

Guarding The Sanctuary: New Initiative To Provide Protection For Israel’s Synagogues July 2016

“What we know is that our brothers and sisters in Israel are constantly under attack, and we have an obligation to help out where we can. Raising money isn’t easy. This is a difficult challenge. It’s very important to know that helping this initiative is helping save lives.” Dave Gordon For about the last 15 Read More »

Business – As Usual July 2016

Business is not doing as well as it should be these days. Unfortunately, some companies are losing money faster than the speed of light. But when people feel like they have nothing more to lose, little bursts of creative genius shine through. People from all over the world are coming up with new – albeit Read More »

By Esther Djmal

Bullying: Are We Really Solving The Problem? July 2016

Bullying. This buzzword, once thought of as a harmless rite of passage and as within the realm of normal childhood interactions, is now universally recognized as a harmful epidemic. The issue has expanded beyond the fences of the schoolyard and has made its way into the public eye, reaching all the way to the Oval Read More »

“may You Live To 120!” July 2016

A BLESSING FOR LONG LIFE The traditional Jewish blessing for long life, the title of this article, is not just the stuff of ethnic folklore. The source for the blessing is a verse in Beresheet (6:3) in which Gd decrees that the maximum human lifespan would be 120 years (“man’s days shall be 120 years”). Read More »

Tips – With A Smile July 2016

Not too many women can say they have more children than they can count on their fingers. I can say that. I have 12 children. In addition to my mom duties, I work for the nonprofit Kars for Kids, where I write about education. With summer about to end and school about to start, the subject Read More »

By Varda Meyers Epstein

What Can We Expect From The “digital Classroom”? July 2016

Will books be phased out in the foreseeable future? Will every student be using a laptop or tablet in their classroom seat? And will they even need to be in a classroom to learn? These questions are coming to light as computers, tablets and laptops are proliferating throughout schools and students’lives, and are quickly becoming Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Misdeal? The Global Jewish Community’s Response To The Nuclear Agreement With Iran July 2016

The recently-signed agreement between Iran, the P5+1 and the European Union, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), has occupied a dominant place in the news of late, breeding intense confusion and discord on an international level. In all the flurry of debate, people trying to make sense of it all may find Read More »

By Daniel Landman

To Your Health July 2016

Most Physical Activity Helps You Sleep Better Certain types of physical activity help you sleep better, while others might leave you tossing and turning, a new study finds. Researchers looked at data from a survey of more than 429,000 American adults. They found that activities such as walking, bicycling, running, weight lifting, aerobics, calisthenics, gardening, Read More »

Life In The Big City July 2016

Greenfield’s Muni-Meter Law is in Effect Councilman David G. Greenfield’s historic muni-meter legislation went into effect citywide on July 1st. The law has three parts: it allows drivers to pre-pay New York City’s muni-meters up to one hour before the meter regulations go into effect, it forces meters to shut off and not accept payment when Read More »

Kaddish July 2016

1                       What are the different types of Kaddish? There are four basic Kadeshimthat are recited each day:  A) The half-Kaddishis recited before the Amidahprayer at Minhahand Arvit, and in Shaharitbetween Yishtabahand Barechu. B) Kaddish Titkabalis recited after the Amidahand Selihotas a plea that the congregation’s prayers which have just been recited should be accepted. Read More »

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