High Holiday Reflections

Sage July 2016

Dear Rabbi, Every year, we go to my in-laws’ house for the holidays. They are nice, but they are very formal, while my family is more laid back, and so I sometimes feel a little uncomfortable when I go there. Also, I have a lot of younger siblings that still live at home and my Read More »

By Rabbi Elbaz

Professor Noe Ital July 2016

has the answers for ALL of your questions… (Intro) Ever wonder how do birds fly? What exactly is the funny bone? Why is candy bad for your teeth? Why is the sky blue? How does a fax machine work? Why the moon is sometimes out during the day? Well, you no longer need to ask Read More »

Letters July 2016

Cosmetic Surgery I found the article [about the halachic issues relevant to cosmetic surgery] interesting, but the comment, "Whether it is the torture of feeling unattractive or the feeling of hopelessness of a single friend who is losing hope that he/she will ever have a wife/husband and family, we must always look for ways to Read More »

Stats & Facts July 2016

1.      Largest Shofar Ensemble On October 04, 2011, 1406 students, staff members and friends of Associated Hebrew Schools in Toronto, Canada gathered in the parking lot of its Kamin campus and blew their handmade shofars simultaneously – setting the new world record for the largest shofar ensemble. 2.      Largest Etrog The Neot Kedumimnature reserve in Read More »

Mesila Presents… Dollars And Sense July 2016

High Holiday Message The 40 days of selihot, which we began this year on August 8th, officially end at the conclusion of Yom Kippur with the prayer of Neilah, which follows closely on the heels of the famous story of the prophetYonahand Nineveh’s teshuvah (repentance). In certain respects, the teshuvah of Nineveh was the ideal Read More »

By Rabbi Max Anteby
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