Holy Intoxication? Can drinking on Purim Elevate us Spiritually?

Powering Up For Tomorrow July 2016

The future and the present came together in the auditorium of Shaare Torah Girls Elementary School at the "Science of the Future Fair" on Tuesday, December 25, as mothers, fathers, and grandparents flocked to the school to catch a glimpse of what the technology of tomorrow might look like. Entering the auditorium, the guests were Read More »

Celebrating Success At Shaare Torah July 2016

At Yeshivat Shaare Torah, the timeless adage of "Hanoch lena’ar al pi darko – Educate a child in a manner appropriate for him" – is not just a catchy phrase, but a reality. The yeshiva’s administration and faculty is committed to ensuring that no child is left behind, and that each and every student is Read More »

Sefer Torah Dedication In Memory Of Isaac Kadare A”h July 2016

Mr. Isaac Kadare a.h., a long-time congregant of Bnai Yosef Torah Center and Ahaba v’Ahva, was known for his unique kindness and sensitivity, and for the smile that was an almost constant fixture on his face. His life of joy, Torah and benevolence ended in tragedy on August 2, 2012, when he was senselessly shot Read More »

The Purim Prophecies July 2016

For centuries, Jewish sages have been uncovering hidden secrets in the Tanach. The following is an amazing discovery, reflecting events in the 20th century, which is found in Megillat Esther. A Peculiar Request If you read Megillat Esther carefully, you will notice that toward the end of the story (9:11-14), after Haman and his sons Read More »

Rabbi Abraham Hecht Z.s.l. July 2016

Perhaps best remembered in the Syrian-Sephardic community for his eloquent speeches at Congregation Shaare Zion, the lifetime accomplishments of Rabbi Abraham Dov Ber Hecht, z.s.l., extended far beyond the large Brooklyn-based kiness (synagogue) at which he served for nearly fi ve decades. Rabbi Hecht held numerous important positions throughout his illustrious career of community service, Read More »

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