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Lose It! July 2016

As the month of May is upon us and the summer is just around the corner, many of you are trying to figure out easy but effective ways to lose weight. As a personal trainer and the co-director of a weight loss center, I deal with this issue every day. Changing behavior is difficult, and Read More »

By Alan Freishtat

The Secret Life Of Plants July 2016

Do Plants Have Feelings? The international scientific community has produced a series of remarkable studies relating to plants.  According to recent research, the world of plants – which outwardly appears devoid of senses and feelings – is not what we imagine it to be. Plants actually have a rich emotional life and highly developed senses, Read More »

By Rabbi Zamir Cohen

To Arm Or Not To Arm? July 2016

Aurora, Colorado. Newtown, Connecticut. Taft, California. These are just some of the names of towns that have recently become synonymous with horrific tragedies, the scenes of innocent adults and children’s lives being brought to a cruel, sudden end at the hands of a heartless, often deranged, gunman. Across America, shooting attacks are, unfortunately, frequent events, Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Flying Marvels July 2016

On any long journey, the view from the passenger seat is often tedious. Buildings follow strip malls, cows follow farmlands, and boredom soon sets in. Pass by an airport, however, and everyone suddenly wakes up. Eyes are strained in the hope that an airplane is taking off or landing. If an aircraft is indeed in Read More »

By Tuvia Cohen

Hacham Yaakov Yosef July 2016

"We live in an upside-down world.” This is how Hacham David Yosef, shelit”a, described his feelings in response to the untimely passing of his esteemed brother and renowned Torah sage, Hacham Yaakov Hai Yosef, zt”l, at the age of 66.  Hacham Yaakov, the oldest son of Hagaon Hacham Ovadia Yosef, shlita, who served as Rosh Read More »

By Pnina Souid

The Ultimate Gps Navigation System July 2016

This wasn’t your typical trip to Israel.  The travelers were not aboard an air-conditioned aircraft, and there were no stewards or stewardesses serving meals.  And it took much, much longer than the 10-hour flight from Kennedy to Ben-Gurion. Bene Yisrael’s journey from Egypt to the Land of Israel spanned 40 years, and took place mainly Read More »

By Rabbi Eli J. Mansour
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