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Smoked Out Of An Apartment July 2016

A New York District Court judge recently ruled that a tenant on the Upper East Side, who had complained about her neighbor’s smoking and the resultant second-hand smoke within her own apartment, could break her lease and pay reduced rent because the landlord failed to take action to alleviate the problem. The landlord, Upper East Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Hole In The Road Repair Schedule July 2016

The Department of Transportation has enacted a cost saving measure, asking 555 road repairers to stay home one day every two weeks, which means that potholes are taking longer than usual to be filled. The result is 22,000 fewer hours of roadwork, saving the department $1 million. It took an average of 3.65 days to Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Will Peer Pressure Stop Smokers? July 2016

The New York Police Department will not be sending cops to the city’s beaches and parks to enforce new smoking bans, figuring that their manpower is better used fighting criminals and terrorists. Mayor Bloomberg plans for the new bans to be enforced by public pressure. Smoking in playgrounds is already banned, but cops do not Read More »

By Dave Gordon

City Traffic Dealths At Record Lows July 2016

New York City’s rate of traffic-related deaths over the past two years is among the lowest in the nation, according to new statistics from the Department of Transportation. During that time, the city had the lowest number of traffic fatalities in the last century. There were 269 traffic deaths in 2010, a five percent increase Read More »

By Dave Gordon

New N Y C Slow Speed Zones July 2016

The Department of Transportation will be tripling the number of slow zones around schools, with speed limits of 20 mph, in addition to a pilot program in the Bronx that would slow cars to 20 mph in entire areas, rather than only individual streets. The department plans for at least 75 reduced speed zones if Read More »

By Dave Gordon
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