June 2016

Forever And A Day July 2016

Jay rented an apartment from Sol for two years, at $1800 per month. Two months before the end of the contract, Jay expressed his interest in the third year rental option. Although Sol agreed, he notified Jay that the rental fee would be adjusted to the going market rate and raised to $2100 a month. Read More »

Keeping The Flame Alive July 2016

A boss calls in his secretary and hands her a document. “Please make me seven copies of this by the end of the day,” he politely requests. The secretary takes the papers, returns to her desk, finishes the work she had been doing, and then goes to the copy machine and makes the copies.  She Read More »

By Rabbi Eli J. Mansour

A Home With A Heart: Girls Town Jerusalem July 2016

Why Two Men, Rabbi Joey Haber and Mr. Allan Massry, Chose to Sponsor Children at a Jerusalem Orphanage How did it come to pass that a community rabbi and his follower undertook to sponsor the needs of two children belonging to a Jerusalem Orphanage? Rabbi Joey Haber and Mr. Allan Massry share their experiences. Mr. Read More »

By Miriam Sasson
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