Legacy Unveiled

Professor Noe Ital July 2016

December 2013 What is the function of a cat’s whiskers? Whiskers expand an animal’s sense of touch beyond the limits of its body. A cat’s whiskers consist of particularly stiff hairs. When these hairs are bent, the cat’s brain discerns the direction and speed of the bending, and is thus able to navigate away from Read More »

The Three “magic Words” July 2016

The tragic story of Yosef and his brothers gives us plenty to think about going into the fast of Asarah Be’Tevet. It’s the shortest fast day on the Jewish calendar, but is by no means the least important. In fact, our tradition teaches that theoretically, if Asarah Be’Tevet falls on Shabbat, we would still fast.  Read More »

By Rabbi Eli J. Mansour

Sage Advice July 2016

Dear Rabbi, I have a friend who does not like to go to the doctor. He says Gd is the only source of healing, and doctors and medicine do not play a real role in a person’s health. While I agree that Gd is the source of healing, I think my friend might just be Read More »

Ask Sito July 2016

Dear Sito, Someone I know who is going through the final stages of a divorce has already started to attend singles events. The couple is in their 40s and they do not have a get. There remained together during many years of marital discord because of the children, until they finally separated. The divorce proceeding Read More »

The Chic Kitchen July 2016

Savory Chicken with Papaya Salsa BIG, BOLD flavors define this chicken recipe. It’s sufficiently savory to appeal to adults, but delicately spiced to accommodate children. For palates that prefer more heat, double the quantities of black pepper and cayenne pepper. Preparing a large batch of the spice rub will make this dish effortless to prepare Read More »

By Esther Deutsch

Top 10 Havdalah July 2016

1.       What is the obligation of havdalah? “Havdalah” means “separation.”  We recite the havdalah text when Shabbat ends to separate between the sacred day of Shabbat and the workweek. Two texts are recited – the “Atah Honantanu” paragraph which is added in the Amidah prayer on Motza’e Shabbat, and the blessing of havdalah recited over Read More »

By Rabbi Daniel D. Levy
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