Life and Times of the Hida: New Insights into a Rabbinic Legend

Isaac “zaki” Marcus July 2016

Pen and paper are wholly incapable of fully describing who “Nono” was, and how much he meant to us, his family, and to all those who had the pleasure of coming in contact with him. Whether it was because of his unique warm and calm nature, or because of his incomparably friendly and happy face, Read More »

By Yaacov Or

The Packed House July 2016

She could have been performing in front of sold-out stadiums. Instead, Kineret, the premier Jewish female singer who performs only for all-women audiences, uses her voice for much more than a song. That packed house? That’s her home on Shabbat. She stood frozen outside P.S. 13, staring at the cracks in the schoolyard tar. She Read More »

By Rena Matalon

Pondering The Plagues: An In-depth Analysis Of The Plagues Of Blood And Frogs July 2016

On the night of Pesah, we will sit down to commemorate the miracles of the Exodus, including the ten devastating plagues that Gd visited upon the Egyptians for persecuting the Hebrew slaves. Rabbi Eliyahu Munk[1] makes the following comment regarding these supernatural events: “In the miracles recorded in the Torah, the supernatural is often interwoven Read More »

By Rabbi Harvey Babich

The Incredible Egg July 2016

In the days when countries could afford to send their heroic and patriotic citizens into space, life in the space-capsule was not too different from the life of a goldfish confined in a small fishbowl. Compressed into a circular, constricted area the size of an under-stair cupboard, with no method of obtaining food, or indeed Read More »

By Tuvia Cohen

Back To The Future July 2016

Preparing for our future redemption by examining our past... The Hebrew month of Nissan, as we know, is the month of redemption.  It is the month when we were freed from Egyptian bondage, as we celebrate on Pesah, and, according to a famous tradition, it is the month when we will again be freed from Read More »

By Rabbi Eli J. Mansou
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