Mishnah Berurah Tiferet

Why Take Blood Pressure At The Dentist? July 2016

People are surprised when they come in for a “routine” cleaning and checkup and we take their blood pressure. But there’s a good reason why we do it. Recently, we measured a patient to have a blood pressure of 171/108. When I asked him when he had his last medical checkup, he proudly informed me Read More »

By Dr. Jacques Doueck

Foundations – The Secret To An Everlasting Commitment To Torah July 2016

Excitement filled the air as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings found their places in the specially decorated gymnasium in Yeshivat Shaare Torah’s Boys’ Elementary School. It wasn’t about the refreshments, the unique cakes and cookies stating very proudly that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary first grade Humash party, nor was it about Read More »

Robby Tal July 2016

Inthe sleepy town of Deal, NJ an amazing thing happened last month. While competing in the J.S.O.B. (Jersey Shore Orthodox Bowling) Winter Bowling League, a 24-year-old rookie bowler had quite an exceptional evening. His name is Robby Tal, and he bowled the game of a lifetime. Robby opened the third game of the evening with eight Read More »

Shaare Torah Boys Elementary School July 2016

Entering the Gates of Greatness Junior High Shabbaton… Grandfather/Father Son Brunch… Sebets… First Grade Humash Celebration… Annual Choir… This list of extracurricular activities details just a few of the many events Shaare Torah Boys Elementary school runs each year to ensure that their students not only receive the gold standard in education academically, but also Read More »

Community Chest July 2016

2014 Grand Science Fair held at Bet Yaakov of the Jersey Shore “Mah rabu maasecha Hashem– How great are Your wonders, Hashem!” The girls at Bet Yaakov of the Jersey Shore just completed their annual science fair, seizing a precious opportunity to delve into the many wonders of the natural world. Each class was divided Read More »

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