Travel Gadgetry July 2016

Headed for a getaway? Whether traveling for business or pleasure – today there are so many hi-tech gadgets that make traveling easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Here are five great sidekicks to help make your trip smoother. Seagate Seven Portable Drive The world’s thinnest 500GB external hard drive measures 7mm (hence its name) and Read More »

Scientifically-confirmed Spiritual Energy July 2016

One of the first commandments the Jewish Nation received upon leaving Egypt was themitzvah of tefillin. “And it shall be a sign upon your arm, and an ornament between your eyes, for with a strong hand Hashem removed us from Egypt.”(Exodus 13:16) One explanation of why we wear tefillin is because it contains various sections Read More »

By Rabbi Zamir Cohen

Steven Rambam: Nazi Hunter July 2016

Seventy-five years ago, in Oct. 1940, the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw, Poland was established, in what became the first of the major steps taken by the Nazis to strip Jews there of their possessions, movement, rights, and, eventually, their lives. Roughly 360,000 Jews were squeezed into a three-mile area. We know the rest of the Read More »

By Dave Gordon

A Community Grows In Brooklyn: 1945–1965 July 2016

The fifth of seven documentary films produced by Joseph J. Sitt and the Sephardic Heritage Museum was released last month, on September 20th. A Community Grows in Brooklyn: 1945-1965 features an era when many of the baby boomers in the Syrian-Jewish community grew up. This was a time of considerable prosperity and growth, when the Read More »

By Sarina Roffé

To Your Health July 2016

Happiness Spreads, Depression Doesn’t For teenagers, surrounding themselves with friends – particularly friends in cheerful moods – could significantly reduce their risk of developing depression, and improve their ability to recover from it. In a recent study, scientists analyzed the data of more than 2,000 high school students in the United States to investigate whether the Read More »

Life In The Big City July 2016

Councilman David Greenfield Celebrates Successful Resurfacing of 100 Streets in Borough Park and Midwood The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) finished paving the most dangerous roads of Borough Park and Midwood last month, thanks to Councilman David Greenfield’s funding. Greenfield ensured that this important work was scheduled for the summer months, when schools are closed Read More »

Mekah Ta’ut – Transactions Made In Error July 2016

1                       If a customer fails to inspect the   merchandise before making the purchase, can he later void the sale if he discovers that the merchandise is defective? A customer may void a transaction in any of the following situations: a.He inspected the merchandise but inadvertently overlooked a certain defect; b.He did not have Read More »

By Rabbi Daniel D. Levy

Sage Advice July 2016

Dear Rabbi, For about 20 years, since before I was married, I worked very long and hard at my own business. It’s a modest business, a simple retail store. For all those years, I’ve been putting away as much as I could to save for my children and their families. Of course, I’ve had to Read More »

Ask Sito July 2016

Dear Sito, My parents are divorced, and my father recently remarried, so understandably,  tension between my parents is running high lately. My mother lives out of town, and so she usually sleeps by me on the holidays. She doesn’t really like to stay by anyone else, because she is self-conscious about her situation. She also Read More »

The Eel July 2016

Eels are known for their long, snake-like bodies. Although they sure look like snakes, eels are actually fish and come from the order Anguilliformes. Their spinal column consists of more than 100 vertebrae, which gives them great flexibility. There are close to 800 species of eels in the world, ranging in length from two inches Read More »

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