Positive Parenting October 2021

All Children Bounce Back Oftentimes we parents worry about how our children will embrace the challenges of their lives in a healthy way. “Will she survive the school year with this teacher?” “How will he deal with bullying on the bus?” “What if my eighth-grader doesn't get the class job she's been wanting for so Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon

Positive Parenting September 2021

New Beginnings… As another year approaches, we are each praying that we and all our family members will have much success in all areas. While hoping and praying for the best is very healthy and normal, we must also realize that each day that we are given provides us with a new opportunity to overcome some Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon

Positive Parenting August 2021

Raising Proactive Children Every parent hopes that their children will grow up to be happy, confident, and smart problem-solvers. Let’s examine the thinking habits and behaviors of people who are like this. Then we can use this knowledge to teach our children to model them. In a society where the norm is for children to Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon

Parenting Is a Privilege July 2021

Every parent wants their children to have the ability to live an active, productive, happy life.  The question is how do we get the kids there? Unfortunately, it is not unusual to watch families struggling with their children’s poor attitudes about doing work. “Uch, I have to put my plate in the garbage?” “I hate Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon

Raising Satisfied Kids June 2021

With the summer approaching, we can use this time off from school to focus on raising children that are truly happy and satisfied with their lot in life. Happiness is available to all who want it. If we look around us, we see children complaining about luxuries that our grandparents would have been nothing less Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon

What’s Your Parenting Direction? May 2021

Many parents feel defeated throughout the course of their parenting career because they find themselves in situations that are the exact opposite of what they had hoped for. For example, Mrs. Cohen is raising her children with hopes that she is really teaching them to be nice to their siblings. A few years in, she Read More »

By Tammy Sasoon


Staying Connected with Your Children Oftentimes parents say that they feel they are doing everything for their children yet have such a hard time connecting with them when their children act ungrateful, unkind, or selfish. Parents ask, “How do I feel connected to my child when they are treating me this way?” The answer is Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon

Positive Parenting March 2021

Unlearning Anxiety With anxiety on the rise these days, it is no longer optional to have a healthy mindset and to possess techniques in our toolboxes that can help us to cope. It is quite fascinating to reach the rock bottom state of feeling like, “Help, before I drown!” because reaching that state causes people Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon

How Our Beliefs Affect Our children January 2021

Although there is so much more to parenting than how to get kids to cooperate, it is usually the first question people ask when they call to schedule a consultation. Discipline is just one piece if the parenting puzzle, but it is a very important piece, and every home needs it in order to function Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon

Positive Parenting December 2020

Hitting the Reset Button If I had to name a few new disorders that could have developed in 2020 here would be a small list... "Toothpaste Scarcity Anxiety" "Will There Be Food Fright?" "Children at Home Panic Disorder" "Will There Be Camp? Horror" "Will There Be School? Uncertainty Disorder" "Will Schools Ever Open? Dread" "Voter's Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon
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