Rabbinic Delegation Visits the Former Soviet Union

All Time Low Traffic Fatalitites In N Y C July 2016

Last year saw the fewest traffic fatalities in New York since records were first kept in 1910, and a 40 percent reduction since 2001. Approximately 250 traffic fatalities occurred in the city in 2011, with rates dropping from 4.87 to 2.8 fatalities per 100,000 residents. Additionally, Police Commissioner Kelly noted that in 2011, there were Read More »

By Dave Gordon

City Works To Fast-track New Eateries July 2016

The New Business Acceleration Team is a two-year-old initiative that shortens  the process of opening a new restaurant, reducing the processing period from six months to four. The city boasted that as of December, about 550 restaurants were opened as a result of the initiative, creating over 6,000 jobs. Formed in March 2010, the New Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Electronics Must Be Recycled Beginning 2012 July 2016

A new city law forbids using private or public haulers to collect electronic waste, except for recycling. The law also requires haulers and waste facility operators to provide customers with written information about options for recycling unwanted electronics. Product manufacturers must be responsible for directing their electronic goods to waste areas, and provide free and Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Turn Your Empty Parking Spot Into Cash July 2016

Why let that extra space in your driveway stay empty, when you could rent it out? An online listing service, ParkatmyHouse.com, could help match you up with folks who’d like to spend time in your area but can’t find parking. On the flip side, maybe you want to drive to Yankee Stadium or another attraction Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Ancient Jewish Medicine: Vigor And Vitality From Fruits July 2016

More than just a part of our annual Tu Bishvat platter, almonds and figs are recommended by Rambam as especially healthful and nutritional nourishments. Today, modern science has shown us why these foods are so valuable to a healthy diet. Almonds, Nutritiously Rich While all nuts are generally laden with calorie-rich essential fats,almonds are high Read More »

By Rabbi Moshe Raphael Sror
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