Renewal - Celebrating the Gift of Life

Celebrating The Gift Of Life July 2016

It was a race against the clock.  Three-year-old Jimmy (not his real name) was suffering from kidney malfunction, and his life was in jeopardy.  Already, his family had to bring him to the hospital three times a week for four hours of dialysis. His only chance for survival was a new kidney – but not Read More »

By Leon Sakkal

A Good Sign July 2016

Fun Facts About the Traditional Rosh Hashanah Foods As we labor  through the sobering month of Elul preparing our souls for the High Holidays which will soon be upon us, shaatras are hard at work preparing meals to ensure that Rosh Hashanah will be as beautiful and uplifting physically as it will be spiritually. Personally, Read More »

By Chaya Steinman

10 Ways To Grow Through The 10 Days Of Repentance July 2016

Some of us may feel apprehensive. As the weather turns cooler and summertime becomes a season past, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur are weeks away. Another year is upon us, and the usual holiday preparations lead us to supermarkets, butchers and clothing stores. Soon our minds become consumed as we think about how we will Read More »

The High Holiday Shopping List Fallacy July 2016

Like Brooklyn and Deal, the Torah has what we might call “prime real estate.”  Some aliyot, or sections of the Torah portion, are more popular and desirable than others.  And when a synagogue auctions off the various aliyot, we find that some sell for a high price after a fierce bidding battle whereas others sell Read More »

By Rabbi Eli J. Mansour

Woodpeckers And Nudniks July 2016

One of the most popular words in the expressive Yiddish language is the word “nudnik.” Even more popular than the word are the examples of the word. One classic nudnikis someone who, when innocently asked, “How are you?” spends the next half-hour telling you. Another species of nudnikis someone who calls you at 2am and Read More »

By Tuvia Cohen

The Hand Of Hashem: A 9/11 Survivor Shares His Story July 2016

The morning dawned bright and clear on September 11, 2001, as though cruelly concealing the unfathomable horror that unfolded several hours later which darkened not only the skies of lower Manhattan, but also countless lives across the U.S. and the world. The 13-year-old memories of the 9/11 terror attacks are still vivid in the minds Read More »

Life In The Big City July 2016

Greenfield and Felder Unveil New Park in Borough Park Councilman David G. Greenfield was joined on Tuesday, July 9 by Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn), Brooklyn Borough Parks Commissioner Kevin Jeffrey, and P.S. 192 Principal Liset Issac in the unveiling of Borough Park’s brand new park space located in the rear of P.S. 192 on 47th Read More »

Science Of The Shofar July 2016

How our body’s reaction to hearing the shofar’s blast primes us for real change… Each day of Rosh Hashanah, our synagogue services are punctuated by 100 calls from the shofar, a ram’s horn that reverberates with a distinctive, alarm-like cry. The shofar’s rousing blast speaks to us more intensely than words ever could. It’s a personal call Read More »

By Yvette Alt Miller 

The High Holiday Season Is It Really That Bad?! July 2016

Yes, it’s that time of year again! Early morning selihot, deep introspection, and resolutions for the approaching Jewish New Year… The month of Elul is here and it’s time to shape up! Here We Go Again… For many of us, the mere thought of Elul sends shivers down our spines. We associate Elul withteshuvah, teshuvah Read More »

By Leon Sakkal

Why You Must Vote On Tuesday, September 9th July 2016

You have the ability to help OUR community! Voting in elections is a privilege and opportunity that too many of us take for granted, and that too many people squander. It is my strong feeling that we each bear a personal obligation to vote in every election, and not rely on others to fulfill this Read More »

By Rabbi Eli J. Mansour
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