Simcha for the Senate

Mirrer Yeshivah’s Sephardic Essence July 2016

Yeshivah to honor Mr. Isaac Shamah and Mr. David Heskiel at 63rd Annual Dinner On the corner of Ocean Parkway and Avenue R in Brooklyn, stands a commanding brick-and-glass edifice, a fixture of the neighborhood’s landscape for over six decades. From within, one can hear the crash and roar of a mighty sea, voices rising Read More »

By Rabbi Yehuda Beyda

Learning And Earning July 2016

Resolved to finally tackle the ever growing mountain of bills accumulating on the kitchen table, David opened the first envelope and looked down at how much he owed. Then he opened another, and then another. Before long, reality set in. It was a matter of simple arithmetic: his monthly expenses far exceeded his income. When Read More »

By Frances Haddad

The Lesson Of Yaakov’s Ladder July 2016

What Yaakov’s mysterious dream teaches us about Torah education. We all know the story, but we might not fully understand what it really means. As Yaakov journeys from Eress Yisrael toward an uncertain future with his wily uncle, Lavan, he sleeps along the roadside and beholds a mysterious dream.  A ladder is stationed near his Read More »

By Rabbi Eli J. Mansour

Jewish Will Power July 2016

A man once came to the Hafetz Haim to review his will and determine whether it was composed properly. He noted to the renowned sage that he had set aside money to provide for his wife and children. The Hafetz Haim reviewed the will carefully and then said, “There is someone you have left out.” Read More »

By Kelly Massry

Coney Island Casino Commotion July 2016

When the New York State Legislature approved a constitutional amendment last March that would authorize up to seven new full-scale gambling casinos in the state, one of the first locations floated for the multi-billion initiative was Brooklyn’s historic Coney Island. Though the amendment must still be passed by lawmakers again next year or in 2014, Read More »

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