The Hatan and Kallah Edition

Getting It Right On Your Big Day: Community Newlyweds Share Their Tips With Brides-to-be July 2016

On her wedding day, Jaclyn Rosen was determined to remember everything. Because she stayed extremely focused, she remembers her then two-year-old niece saying, “Ja-ja pretty!” while she was under the chuppah, and then letting out a cry because she didn’t want to be carried by her father. Although nearly 10 years have passed, she still Read More »

By Kelly Massry

Finding The One July 2016

“The daughter of so-and-so is to marry so-an-so!” If you’re married, then you should know that these words resonated through the heavens already 40 days prior to your conception.1 Yes, before man is even but a fetus in his mother’s womb, a heavenly voice proclaims precisely whom he is destined to marry. It is, quite literally, a match made in heaven! Min HaShamayim Many of Read More »

By Leon Sakkal

Dollars And Sense July 2016

How to Choose a Career  Part II Last month we asked the question of how a person can use his Gd-given abilities to fill the needs of the marketplace and generate income. Identifying where your strengths lie is the critical first step in choosing a career that you will succeed at and enjoy. Some people Read More »

By Rabbi Max Anteby

New Home, Twice The Relief: Child Life Society Acquires Second Respite Home For Cystic Fibrosis Patients July 2016

Key West, Florida is the type of city that America likes to pride itself on. Located at the southern tip of Florida, Key West is America’s southernmost city and breathtakingly beautiful. Nicknamed “America’s Caribbean,” it is a tourist haven surrounded by beautiful white beaches and wavy pristine waters. Homes are modest and attractive. Locals are Read More »

By Shimmy Blum

Wedding Humor A Perfect Match July 2016

If I would have known what a pain it would be to find clothes to wear to my wife’s brother’s wedding, I probably never would have sent in the reply card. Any repercussions would have been worth it. I’m not even talking about going to the store to buy suits for my boys. I understood Read More »

By Mordechai Schmutter

Dealing With The Pressure July 2016

When the time comes to make a simha, most people are flooded by a whirlwind of emotion. Happiness, jubilation and pride take us over as we bask in the glory of those precious moments in our lives. But soon after the news is announced and the initial “mabrouks” are exclaimed, the joy gives way to Read More »

By Arthur Cohen

Making The Right Call: Are Cell Phones Linked To Brain Cancer? July 2016

Virtually everybody’s got one, and you may have even seen people with two and sometimes three... Cell phones are everywhere, and we’re talking into them in our homes, at work, in the supermarket and in our cars. And given the number of cell phone providers, models and service stores that continue to pop up, it Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Life In The Big City July 2016

Developers Plan Underground NYC Park Visitors from around the world are drawn to New York City’s High Line, an elevated park built on defunct railroad tracks transformed into an urban sanctuary of flowers, grasses and trees. Private planners inspired by the High Line’s success are now looking deep under Manhattan at a proposal to create Read More »

Golden Leaves Institute: Nurturing A Brighter Future July 2016

Creating leaders is not just giving them the tools, but making sure they know how to use them properly... “Our Jewish tradition acknowledges the legitimate pursuit of parnassa and the satisfaction of one’s material needs. In the Torah, wealth is part of Gd’s blessings,” said Rabbi Shlomo Sam Kassin, Dean of The Shehebar Sephardic Center Read More »

By Sarina Roffé

Wedding Gift Gadgets July 2016

Whenever you attend a wedding, you inevitably face the age-old question: what should you give? Toasters and salad bowls are nice, but if you want your gift to really stand out, it needs to be something special. The customary giving of gifts that celebrates happy occasions can have a new twist with top-notch electronic gadgets. Read More »

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