The Hazan: Rabbi Raphael Elnadav z.s.l.

Ahi Ezer Shaatnez Lab Expands Hours July 2016

The new shaatnez lab at Ahi Ezer has been a popular site for shaatnez checking ever since it opened, offering a convenient location for dropping off and picking up clothes. To accommodate the growing demand, the lab has expanded its service hours. New Ahi Ezer Shaatnez Lab Hours Day Hours Sunday 11am-1pm Tuesday 8:30pm-9:15pm Wednesday Read More »

Kaliver Rebbe Visits Aventura July 2016

On December 1, 2011, the Grand Rabbi of the Kaliv Hassidim visited Beit Edmond J. Safra, Sephardic Synagogue of Turnberry, in Aventura, Florida. The visit, which lasted several hours, was a brief stopover in the Rebbe’s return trip to Brooklyn after visiting numerous South American countries. Over 200 people came to receive the Rabbi’s blessing Read More »

Countdown Signals Installed At Ocean Parkway Crosswalk July 2016

New countdown signals are now in place to help pedestrians at 14 intersections along Ocean Parkway between Ditmas Avenue and Avenue R. The 62 signal boxes, which were installed this past month by the Department of Transportation, feature an LED countdown of the number of seconds a pedestrian has to safely cross the street. This Read More »

M D Y Kicks Off Sephardic Heritage Program July 2016

Magen David Yeshivah High School (MDYHS) initiated its new 10th grade Sephardic Heritage program with a special assembly on December 2nd.  The entire student body and staff of MDYHS gathered to view the documentary film on Sephardic Heritage produced by Mr. Joseph Sitt and the Sephardic Heritage Museum. The memorable event was organized by Rabbi Read More »

Sephardic Mikveh In Madison Opens Its Doors July 2016

The new Sephardic mikveh in the Madison area of Brooklyn, has already begun to serve the community. Located at 2802 Avenue R and East 28th Street, the facility was a much-needed addition to the Sephardic community in the Bedford area. Designed with a serene atmosphere and spa-like feel, the Sephardic Mikveh of Avenue R boasts Read More »

Oorah 2012 Allows Donors To Decide Their Charity July 2016

Oorah’s annual Chinese Auctionwill have a new twist this year – the “Donor Decide” program, which allows donors the option to earmark their donation towards whichever of Oorah’s programs they choose. The new option is based on the idea that donors are not just people who give money for Oorah to spend; they are actual Read More »

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