The Legacy of hesed continues...

Enter: Your Personal Chef July 2016

When celebrating a special occasion, we’ve become accustomed to either going out to eat or cooking for guests. Each options has its merits – an evening out is festive, and there is nothing like inviting others to dine at your table – but what if one is tired of restaurants or can’t muster the energy Read More »

By Kelly Jemal Massry

Praline Truffles July 2016

CHANY BAKES a vast variety of incredible mini-sweet goods, and these truffles - elegant and luxurious ganache miniatures that will melt in your mouth - are one of her signatures. Truffles are generally not hard to make, but these are the absolute easiest and most delicious pareve truffles you’ll ever taste - they’re way better Read More »

Professor Noe Ital – March 2014 July 2016

Do birds have ears? Did you ever try to look for birds’ ears? If you did, you probably didn’t find them. Birds’ ears are not visible, but this doesn’t mean they don’t exist, or that birds don’t hear. Instead of bulging external ears, birds have small, feather-covered openings on the sides of their heads. These Read More »

Purim And The Irs July 2016

Do we relish the opportunity to do mitzvot, or do we treat them like…tax returns? Purim is a great day of joy and festivity, but there seems to be just one problem with it: It’s celebrated on the wrong day! Of course, this is not intended literally.  If our Sages enacted celebrating Purim on the Read More »

By Rabbi Eli J Mansour

Time-honored Tradition The Origins And Inspiration Of Syrian Cuisine July 2016

Sito’s skillful hands nimbly crinkle the sambusak closed. She smiles at her granddaughter’s attempts and closes her wizened hands over the child’s young fingers and begins to show her yet again the art of the sambusak’s intricate pattern. Our traditional food is interwoven in an exquisite tapestry of family and pride.We offer here the fascinating Read More »

By By A.d. Cohen
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