The Passover Mission

Cabbies Refusing More Outer – Borough Destinations July 2016

Hailing a cab to Brooklyn is harder than it used to be. A recently-released undercover video showing city taxi drivers refusing passengers because of their destinations underlies a 38 percent rise in service-refusal complaints from 1,963 incidences between July and December of 2009, to 2,341 during the last half of 2010, according to New York Read More »

By Dave Gordon

New Smoking Ban Proposal Targets Condos, Co Ops July 2016

You can't go out and smoke in a park in New York, and if some Manhattan co-ops have their way, some city residents won't be able stay in and smoke, either. At least six co-op boards are considering a measure making it illegal for people to smoke in their own apartments, taking cues from the Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Greenfield Pushes For Parking At Broken Hydrants July 2016

A highly economical proposal by New York City Councilman David Greenfield could open up about 3,000 new parking spaces around the city and won’t cost tax payers more than a few gallons of paint. In a new bill drafted to help both the Fire Department and motorists, Greenfield proposes painting non-functioning hydrants green so they Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Tires Locks Instead Of Tows July 2016

If a heavy metal tire clamp ends up on your car, it's probably because you have $350 or more in unpaid New York City parking tickets judgments. Instead of tow trucks, the city will now try using wheel boots to clamp down on delinquent ticket payers in a limited pilot program expected to begin in Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Ancient Jewish Medicine: Malnourished Obesity July 2016

Most people think that obesity and malnutrition are direct opposites. In reality, however, doctors report seeing patients who are both overweight and malnourished, and are treating obesity as a disease. Our growing reliance on fast food and the readily available high-fat, sugar-laden snacks means that many of us are lacking the vitamins and minerals essential Read More »

By Rabbi Moshe Rafael Seror
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