Rabbi Shimon Cohen – Scholar, Mentor, Rebbe, And Friend July 2016

We meet many people throughout our lifetimes, but only a rare and unique few change us for the better. These people make us feel confident, motivated, and loved. They fill us with happiness and comfort us when we are troubled. They inspire us not only through their words, but through their actions as well. Rabbi Read More »

By Morris Massry

Unmasking The Bds Movement July 2016

In the Passover Haggadah it says,“in each generation, they come to destroy us” – “they” meaning the anti-Semites, the Jew-haters, and those who discriminate against the Jewish people. The Sages were prophetic in a way, knowing that the Jewish people would be eternal targets, in every part of the world. In the twenty-first century, our Read More »

By Dave Gordon

The Snail July 2016

The snail is a gastropod, a soft-bodied type of mollusk, whose body is protected by a hard shell. It is a slow-moving creature that is only a few inches long and usually weighs just a few ounces. There are over 1,000 different species of snails found worldwide, and they are divided into three groups. There Read More »

By Efraim Harari

Bleaching Your Teeth – Now You Have No Excuse Not To! July 2016

If you’ve never bleached your teeth, listen to this. Even If you have bleached your teeth before, read on, because it may be time to brighten up your smile. My patients are demanding. They demand easier, faster and better ways to get their teeth whiter. Research has shown that when it comes to at-home bleaching, Read More »

Deciphering Depression July 2016

“I’m soooodepressed”is a phrase we overuse to describe any version of unhappiness we may be experiencing.  We can be sad, overwhelmed, in a bad mood, angry, frustrated, disillusioned, or lethargic. But being depressedis very different from feeling down in the dumps. A major depressive disorder is usually caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain Read More »

By Mozelle Forman

Brick Roast With Fresh Spice Rub July 2016

Ingredients 1 small onion, cut into chunks Cloves of 1 head garlic 1 firm plum tomato, halved, seeds and juice removed Assorted fresh herbs, such as parsley, basil, dill, or cilantro 1 ½ teaspoons salt ¼ teaspoon black pepper 1 (3 pound) brick or French roast ¼ cup oil 1.  In the bowl of a Read More »

Passover, Celebrating Our Mesorah July 2016

Yes, it’s that time of year again! As we clean out the cabinets, sweep the floors, and make all the necessary preparations for the Holiday of Pesach, how important it is to remind ourselves of the many meanings and values enveloped in this special time. “Let My People Go!” When finally agreeing to let the Read More »

By Leon Sakkal

Positive Parenting July 2016

The Difference Between Regular Parents and Super-Skilled Parents Regular parents try to “make” their children happy. Inevitably, their kids end up resisting, since human nature is to want to make themselves happy. What super-skilled parents know is that they can’t make anyone happy; they can only focus on being happy. Asluck would have it, their Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon

Dining Out During Passover July 2016

This year the first Seder falls out on a Friday night and the second on Saturday night, so Hol Hamoed will be a good portion of the week. This gives us ample time to enjoy the holiday outdoors and not stuck inside snacking on Passover cakes made from a cake mix. Another major plus about Read More »

By Elan Kornblum, A.k.a.

Tevilat Keileem – Dipping Utensils July 2016

1            What is the source and reason for dipping utensils? In Parshat Matot (Ch. 31 Pasuk 23), it discusses how Elazar HaKohen instructed the Jewish nation to kosher the vessels after the war of Midyan. The requirement of dipping dishes in a kosher mikveh of 40  se’ahis derived from the wordsAch Bemay Nidah Yithatah. Read More »

By Rabbi Daniel D. Levy
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