Professor Noe Ital July 2016

How does water disappear when we boil it? The water does not disappear; it simply evaporates. When we boil water, it reaches a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. The boiling water turns into a gas, which we call vapor. When the boiling water in the form of vapor comes in contact with the colder air Read More »

What Would You Choose? The Fastest Jet, A Magical Screen, Or A Special Apple? A Better Understanding Of The Fifth Commandment Will Help You Make The Right Choice… July 2016

A man named Rabbi Haim lived several centuries ago in the city of Worms, Germany.  He had four sons, and when they grew up, he sent three of them to learn Torah under the great sage Rabbi Shlomo Luria (the Maharshal).  The oldest, however, he needed at home to take care of him in his Read More »

By Rabbi Eli J Mansour

Sage Advice July 2016

Dear Rabbi, We are b”H planning a wedding for our wonderful daughter. As parents of the bride, it is customarily our responsibility to take care of most of the wedding expenses, and so we booked a hall, put a deposit, and so on. Now the other side is hinting through our future son-in-law that they Read More »

Dear Sito July 2016

Dear Sito, I really like my future mother-in-law, but things seem to be getting a little out of hand. The other day she randomly brought up the wedding ceremony details by saying, “So-and-so would make the cutest ring bearer,” and I commented that I have already asked my aunt if my little cousin would be Read More »

Top 10 Bikur Holim – Visiting The Sick July 2016

1)   Is there a Biblical source for the mitzvah to visit ill patients? According to the Ramban, Rabbenu Yonah and others, the Torah command of “vehalachta bidrachav” – to follow in Hashem’s ways – includes the obligation of biku holim.  As the Gemara (Sotah 14a) explains, one of the ways we emulate Hashem is by Read More »

By Rabbi Daniel D. Levy
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