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Rat Class Is In Session July 2016

New York City now offers a three-hour cram course on rats, including useful information about how to keep them out of household garbage cans. The predominant breed of city rodent is the Norwegian rat, which, at one pound, can appear larger when it tries to scare off predators, and has teeth capable of gnawing through Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Speed – Trap Cameras For N Y C? July 2016

New York City’s Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan is asking for State authorization for automated speed-trap cameras, to catch motorists who exceed the 30 mph speed limit on most city streets. While the measure could boost revenue, safety benefits are not clear and so far, the State Legislature has not been interested in the bill which Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Disappearing Cabs July 2016

Scientific data confirms what has previously only been a hunch, that there really are no cabs available for the afternoon rush. From 4 to 5pm, cabs usually change shifts, and the number of active available NYC taxicabs falls by nearly 20 percent compared with an hour before. The Taxi and Limousine Commission conducted a review Read More »

By Dave Gordon

City Wants To Save Secondhand – Smoke Kids July 2016

Some 150,000 New York City adult smokers who live with children, allow smoking at home, putting the youngsters at risk for asthma, ear infections, bronchitis and cancer. According to recently released research from the city’s Health Department, more than half of all smokers allow smoking within the home. The findings have prompted the Health Department Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Ancient Jewish Medicine: The Immune System July 2016

When given the opportunity, the human body has the amazing capacity to prevent many diseases and illnesses, including the common cold and flu. When we provide our immune system with the necessary tools to fight bacteria and viruses, lasting health will be the natural outcome. One of the most common reasons for immune deficiency is Read More »

By Rabbi Moshe Raphael
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