The Shaatra Files July 2016

SHAATRA: Planning a Ski Vacation Travel season will soon be upon us, and for many Shaatra moms, the planning is already well underway. While dreams of a sunny vacation may have to be pushed aside because of budgetary or time constraints, taking a ski trip can be a fabulous way to spend midwinter break. Some Read More »

By Frances Haddad

Welcoming Our Israeli Heroes To The Neighborhood July 2016

IDF Colonel Geva Rapp and soldiers  come to give hizuk to our students This past month, our community was treated to a special visit by 13 heroes – officers of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) who served in Gaza last summer as part of Operation Protective Edge. They came to share their stories, and to Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Torat Hacham Baruch: Continuing The Legacy Of Our Chief Rabbi, Hacham Baruch Ben-haim Ztl. July 2016

Torat Hacham Baruch “I am truly amazed at the content and work put into this book,” says Rabbi Eli J. Mansour. “This sefer proves that every one of Hacham Baruch’s words contained numerous treasures and it will surely play an integral role in our spiritual guidance in Hacham Baruch’s absence.” These are the words that Read More »

By Rabbi Shaul Haddad

It Happened To Me! July 2016

"We Pass the Packages Around” M. Sasson July 2014 Daniel Braha of Deal knew exactly how he wanted to usher in his status as a bar mitzvah: with an act of hesed. Daniel wished to send care packages to 100 IDF soldiers in Israel. This was a difficult feat to accomplish on a budget, and Read More »

The Art Of Purchasing A Home July 2016

Buyers who fixate on purchase price and mortgage size often overlook opportunities to save money on both. Usually, the lower the purchase price, the smaller the mortgage a buyer must borrow. We’re not suggesting that buyers buy less or resort to trickery or pressure to arrive at an attractive lower purchase price. Nor are we Read More »

By Pj Wade

Real Estate Gadgets July 2016

You can do just about anything from your fingertips these days, including house-hunting. The real estate industry is finding ways to creatively use gadgets like the upcoming Apple Watch and Google Glass. More and more house hunters are beginning their search online, and more and more services are now available on a mobile device. Here Read More »

An Analysis Of Israel’s 2015 Elections July 2016

The 20th Israeli legislative elections took place on March 17 amid great anticipation and under the close, careful watch of observers throughout the world. The victory of Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party has far-reaching implications not only for the nation itself, but for stability throughout the entire Middle East. It will also likely affect the Jewish Read More »

By Leon Sakkal

The Winning Ticket Is In Your Hands July 2016

Community Leaders Urge Participation in WZO Elections Imagine a winning lottery ticket worth hundreds of millions of dollars is just inches outside of your grasp, and there is something blocking your way. You can see it, but no matter how far you stretch out your arm, you can’t quite touch it. The winning prize could Read More »

By Sarina Roffé

Hundreds Gather For Dirshu’s Historic Siyum Celebration July 2016

“A unique koah [strength] of Dirshu is that it not only gives a person olam haba [the world to come], it also gives a person phenomenal olam hazeh [this world]!” These were the powerful words spoken by HaGaon HaRav Yechiel Michel Steinmetz, shelita,Skverer Dayan of Boro Park, succinctly capturing the feelings of over 1,000 participants Read More »

The Smart Home Home Remodeling With Resale In Mind July 2016

Meet the Bahaj family. Jake and Rachel Bahaj have been married for five years, they have two kids, and rental apartment living is no longer comfortable. With a steady increase in income and savings, they decided it was time to buy a home, both as an investment and a quality-of-life upgrade. Living in an out-of-town Read More »

By Chaya Steinman
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