Why It's a Mitzvah to Vote for David Storobin?

Team S B H Day In Brooklyn July 2016

On February 26th, 280 runners, 150 spectators, and 500 friends and family members took part in a magical adventure – the “Race for the Dream” Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando, Florida. For the second year in a row, TEAM SBH ran the 13.1 miles for a beautiful cause – to raise money for Sephardic Read More »

By Kelly Jemal Massry

Jewish Women’s Volunteer Medical Corps Begins To Take Shape July 2016

A fully operational Jewish women’s emergency mobile medical unit, serviced entirely by women, is expected be in place by late spring 2012. Under the name Ezras Nashim, the independently-run unit will consist of volunteers trained as both EMTs and doulas, or midwives, for emergency childbirths and other urgent medical situations. The initiative has received the Read More »

Father And Son Learning At Bnei Shelomo V’yaffa July 2016

Fathers and sons joined Rabbi Eliezer Zeytouneh for a special evening of learning, prizes and pizza on February 18th, Mossa’ei Shabbat Mevarchim of hodesh Adar. The special program was held in Bnei Shelomo V’Yaffa synagogue on 2250 East 13th Street, with the purpose of engaging the men and boys in extra learning. The boys competed Read More »

O U’s Annual Kosher Essay Contest July 2016

Back for its fourth year, the annual Kosher Essay Contest, run by the Orthodox Union (OU) for students in grades 7-12, is focused on the goal of engendering a deeper appreciation of kashrut. Students across North America are invited to send in their submissions by March 30, 2012. Winners will be awarded a $50 gift Read More »

Ethical Certification ” Not Kosher “ July 2016

With hundreds of different hechsher (kosher supervisory) symbols on food products, kosher consumers already have their hands full figuring out which foods really meet their standards. But now, many kashrut experts worry that a new Jewish looking symbol that doesn’t connote any type of kosher supervision will cause consumers to unknowingly violate their kosher observance. Read More »

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