YESHIVAT LEV TORAH Sponsors Grand Siyum and Special Lag Ba'omer Event

New Film To Reveal Secrets About The Aleppo Codex July 2016

Who is its rightful owner? Where are the missing pages? Sixty years after the Keter Aram Tzova (Aleppo Codex) was brought to Israel, the unanswered questions surrounding it are being revisited in an upcoming documentary by Avi Dabach. The Keter Aram Tzova is the oldest complete manuscript of the Tanach in existence. Written in Eretz Read More »

By Yirmiyahu Cohen

The Duck July 2016

Ducks are medium-sized aquatic birds that are related to swans and geese. Ducks, however, are smaller in size, and differ from swans and geese in their tendency to dive into the water in order to catch food. Overall, there are 150 different species of duck; all are part of the bird family Anatidae. Ducks come Read More »

By Efraim Harari

How Do Bridges Stay Up? July 2016

Bridges are truly one of the more amazing wonders of human engineering. Below are three of the main types of bridges that are used today. ARCH BRIDGES Arch bridges were one of the first types of bridges ever built. Arches are designed with an odd number of stones, with the top-middle one, called the keystone, Read More »

Healthy Homelife July 2016

While finger painting with my toddler granddaughter, I saw that she dipped her finger which was covered in blue paint into the pot of yellow. My initial thought was she’s going to mess up the colorsbecause yellow doesn’t stay yellow when you add blue – it becomes green. But then I became fascinated by the Read More »

By Mozelle Forman

Unearthing The Mysteries Of Purim July 2016

Each year, we read Megillat Esther – the story of Purim – recalling how the Jewish queen of Shushan intervened to foil Haman’s scheme, and saved the Jews in 127 provinces. But what may surprise many is that the megillah isn’t the only record of the heroes and villians of the Purim story. Various ancient Read More »

By Dave Gordon

Positive Parenting July 2016

Love = Attention + Affection Love consists of two factors: attention and affection. Parents must offer both in order to produce healthy feelings of love in children. When you give proper attention and affection, you provide children with a strong foundation, which helps them to foster healthy relationships throughout their lives. What is Attention? Attention Read More »

By Tammy Sassoon

Golden Leaves Center Enters Second Year July 2016

Shehebar Sephardic Center has teamed up with the World Zionist Organization, Bar Ilan University, and Yudefang International Education Center (YCC Shanghai) to create a unique eleven-month educational program to train aspiring young Jewish entrepreneurs.  The program is called The Golden Leaves Institute, and is now in its second year. Students in the Golden Leaves Program Read More »

By Sarina Roffé

The Refined Kosher Wine & Dining Experience July 2016

As kosher diners we often look closely at all aspects of the restaurant experience. We want the whole package, and that includes getting the best of everything. We examine the service, rate dishes against all the ones we have ever tasted, and anticipate enjoying the atmosphere of the restaurant. In recent years we have come Read More »

By Elan Kornblum, A.k.a. “the Restaurant Guy”

Jroot Radio July 2016

In an era where assimilation is an ever growing threat for the Jewish people, JRoot Radio is serving as an important antidote. JRoot Radio is committed to uniting the Jewish community and strengthening the bonds to our common faith. JRoot is a non-profit organization, and is dedicated to introducing the beauty of Jewish beliefs and Read More »

Genizah – The Burial Of Holy Scriptures July 2016

1            What is genizah? Genizahis the obligation to give a proper burial to holy scriptures and objects. Due to their sanctity, one may not dispose of them in a regular manner. Giving honor to holy scriptures and objects and providing them proper burial has a profound impact in Heaven.  It is unfortunate that sometimes Read More »

By Rabbi Daniel D. Levy
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