The Holocaust A History From A Jewish Perspective By Charles Sarway July 2016

There is likely no subject in Jewish history more commonly discussed then the Holocaust. Thousands of books have been written, endless pages have been scribed, and countless lectures have been delivered to help our generation comprehend the atrocities perpetrated against European Jewry during World War II. Over the years, our parents and teachers expended great Read More »

By C.j Serouya

Murray Mizrahi July 2016

Thebleachers of the iconic Yeshivah of Flatbush gymnasium were overflowing with boisterous fans. Frenetically waving gold rally towels, chanting and cheering at the top of their lungs, the Falcon’s Nest was pulsating with energy after witnessing their Flatbush Falcons complete their playoff comeback from an 11-point deficit with only a minute-and-a-half left to play. In Read More »

Bringing The Workingman Closer To Torah… July 2016

“Any way you touch Torah, it changes people,” says Rabbi Moshe Levi, who, along with his committee, founded the Neshama Torah Center Learning Program at 1292 Ocean Parkway three months ago. The innovative program pairs workingmen with avrechim(kollel students) who devote a portion of their day to teaching. These talented and devoted scholars teach any Read More »

By Kelly Jemal Massry

Community Chest July 2016

Boys Town Jerusalem Students Bring Purim Cheer to Hadassah Hospital Patients In the weeks before Purim, Boys Town Jerusalem students brought smiles to the faces of patients and staff in hospitals across Jerusalem with festive visits in honor of the holiday. Guitars in hand, the school’s ninth and tenth graders traveled to eight different hospitals Read More »

Shaatra: A Spectacular Seder July 2016

You never believed you would make it to the finish line, but here you are, and you’re pretty sure you aren’t dreaming. As you behold the dining room table adorned with your Pesach finest, you realize that you have overcome what once seemed to be a near-impossible feat. After weeks of backbreaking labor, you can Read More »

By Frances Haddad
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