The annual “Daddy Day” event ranks among the most favorite highlights for students at Yeshivat Shaare Torah’s preschool. It’s a day when fathers and grandfathers, who are normally busy at work, have the opportunity to come to their young child’s school and spend a fun-filled morning with their precious son or daughter.
But the fathers, grandfathers and children aren’t the only ones who enjoy this time honored tradition. “It’s so much fun to watch as fathers leave the classroom, clutching a preschooler in one hand while attempting to juggle a myriad of art projects and goodies in the other,” remarked a Shaare Torah faculty member.
Of course, such a spectacular event doesn’t just come together at the spur of the moment. The teachers, along with their young charges, worked lovingly and laboriously in preparation for the special day, setting up a variety of interesting and educational Hanukah themed workshops and activities for the children to do together with their fathers and grandfathers. For the children, the prospect of bringing their daddies to school was gloriously anticipated for weeks in advance!
When the big day finally arrived, beaming young children lead their fathers proudly by hand into their respective classrooms. The radiant glow on their faces demonstrated clearly that the best gift they could possibly receive was time with their father.
The children introduced their daddies to an assortment of exciting hands-on activities, ranging from woodworking to candle making. As each child bonded with and engaged his/her father in yet another project, the youngster’s self esteem and confidence soared. By participating in this event, Shaare Torah fathers demonstrated that they understood their vital role in the upbringing of their child.  
Adding to the aura of the special occasion, the esteemed Rosh Yeshiva of Shaare Torah, Rabbi Hillel Haber, shelita, came to personally greet each father and grandfather. As it turns out, many of the fathers were privileged to have Rabbi Haber as their own teacher when they themselves were students in Shaare Torah!
As the momentous morning drew to a close, amidst expressions of gratitude and warm words of thanks, came the heartfelt declaration of a teary-eyed grandpa, “This was the best day ever. You just can’t put a price tag on it! Thank you Shaare Torah.”