The Metropolitan Yeshiva High School Athletic League is set up to allow students to compete in both basketball and hockey during the same school year, and Aaron Harari has excelled in both sports as a student ofMagen David Yeshiva High School.

Aaron is the captain of the varsity basketball and hockey teams, as well as Magen David’s tennis team. Aaron truly embraces his role as captain. Known for his passion for sports along with his competitive style of play, Aaron is
well-respected by his coaches, peers, and even his opponents. He leads by
example and never gives up, firmly believing that “absolute passion yields the ultimate reward.”

Alongside his success as an athlete and leader, Aaron is also a scholar. Hehas been interested in business throughout high school, and in 10th grade he was a finalist in a school-wide entrepreneurship contest which required a team of students to come up with an idea and a business plan to bring it to market. His team created a website that would give the kosher restaurants in the community a central location for people to order from.

“A responsible leader,” are the words that teachers and classmates use to describe Aaron. When asked to describe Aaron’s influence in the classroom, science teacher Mr.Tirone said, “[He was] always willing to help other students, and served as a peer tutor in class.”

Math teacher Alan Arbesfeld describes Aaron as a bright, inquisitive young man with a great sense of humor. “Throughout his time inmy classroom Aaron has shown himself to be extremely responsible about his work. Furthermore, Aaron is a strong analytical thinker and an exceptional problem solver.”

In addition to being an excellent athlete and a respected scholar, Aaron somehow findstime in his busy schedule to help the needy in our community. As a volunteer at his synagogue, his responsibilities include managing donations for needy families. For the last three years, Aaron has also assisted Yachad with their annual weekend event, where special needs children spend an unforgettable weekend with a team of devoted volunteers.

It is an honor and delight for us to name Aaron Harari the worthy recipient of this month’s Sportsman of the Month award.

Congratulations Aaron!