Community Magazine is excited to announce the unveiling of, a new website developed by Torah Learning Resources Ltd., that replaces the beloved Judaica sites that have been educating the community over the last 17 years. is now the single online destination for all the Judaica content orated by the rabbis of our Syrian-Sephardic community.

The concept for what has become began in 2001, when Rabbi Eli Mansour’shalacha class which he orated daily was put online at Thousands subscribed to receive the transcribed halachot. This success was then followed by the addition of Rabbi Mansour’s hidushim on the weekly Torah portion. Around 2005, the Daf Yomi program was put online under the banner of Soon after www.LearnTorah.comwas launched, compiling the lectures given by our community’s rabbis that Rico Toussoun spent years recording and putting on cassette tapes and CDs.  Today, LearnTorah is known as the digital online resource, offering more than 10,000 classes in audio and video format. was added next. It serves as a repository of names for Tehillim reading, a means for the unfortunate announcing of levayot and a source for Tehillim orated withta’amim by Hacham Baruch Ben Haim, with explanations of every perek given by Rabbi Eli Mansour.

Daily Hok, Rabbi Mansour’s teaching of Hok Yisrael, was next to join this reputable lineup. Then came,, and Of late, sites highlighting the teachings of other rabbis were added. brings the teachings of Rabbi Meyer Yedid, has classes taught by Rabbi Shmuel Choueka, is home to Rabbi David Ashear’s shiurim, is the work of Rabbi David Sutton, and is headed by Rabbi Joey Haber.

With so many sites being constantly updated by Torah Learning Resources and with thousands of people managing various subscriptions and login screens, uniting them all was the obvious necessity. Devising a brand-new site with the latest technology enabled many new features that makes the classes faster to load, easier to find, read, listen to, and share. can be accessed from a PC, tablet, or mobile phone and is designed to be a one-stop Judaica hub, equipped with modern online technologies, specifically appealing to the Sephardic-Syrian communities around the world.

There are several advantages and numerous features to the new site

•     Now, people planning to go to the website for one single purpose will also be exposed to all other areas of Jewish learning that encompasses. Conversely, people interested in several topics can access them much more easily.

·         The website allows for one subscription base. One login means one place to manage all your subscriptions, instead of signing up for emails and alerts on individual websites.  Now users can easily manage multiple subscriptions for Daily Halacha by Rabbi Mansour, Daily Tehillim lists, levayot announcements, Parasha insights by Rabbi Eli Mansour, Embrace Shabbat classes by Rabbi David Sutton, Weekly Inspire essays by Rabbi Joey Haber, and Daily Emunah by Rabbi David Ashear.

•         Visitors to the site will enjoy an encyclopedia of halachot specific to the customs of the Syrian- Sephardic Community. They can search across all the content, from DailyHalacha, MishnaBerura, and Parasha Insights to find answers to their halachic questions.

•         MyPlaylist keeps a list of classes that a person has started listening to but did not complete. Each class will remain paused and ready to activate at the push of the play button. Users can change the order and prioritize the classes of their choice. Finally, when browsing the site, classes can be added to the playlist so that they remain in a person’s queue.  This is great for starting a class at home on your PC and then continuing it in your car via your phone.

•         Community members are encouraged to download and install the iTorah app for Android and iPhone.  The app offers a distinct feature called “Dynamic Playlist,” which is a library of classes that are automatically downloaded to your mobile device based on the settings of each user’s choosing. Simply set it so that classes download every day, or once a week, making sure to include the day and time that’s most convenient. Then, pick the rabbi and category of your choosing. Classes will automatically be downloaded to your phone so that if you’re on a plane or a train or a boat you can go to the app and listen without having to be connected to the Internet.  Save cellular charges by setting to download via WiFi only and play the file from your phone instead of via cellular data.

Of course, users are also welcome to use their phones to visit the site itself – and can even go back and forth from app to mobile version of the site if they wish. The mobile version of is compatible with all browsers and was designed to be responsive. This means if a person visits the website from their phone it will be sized and displayed to fit their phone’s screen. If one uses a tablet or desktop, it will be sized and displayed accordingly too.

Visit www.iTorah.comtoday! You can log in with your username and password from DailyHalacha, LearnTorah, or DailyTehillim. You can also log in using your Google credentials. During the transition period, the older sites will still be available, but within about four months, these sites will be shut down and all users will be redirected to

The sites that have now been united under have enriched the lives of so many people around the world – and there is more coming soon! Now, with an even easier way to access the content, the hope is that more users will learn and grow from it than ever before.

Torah Learning Resources expresses its gratitude to the multitude of developers and programmers that have contributed to it over the years. Most notable are Avrohom Liberman and his team at 3Nom, Moshe Alfih, Erol Dusi, and Shmuel Sasson.