Kosherfest, the annual, internationally renowned fair for kosher food distributors, took place on November 8thand 9that the New Jersey Meadowlands. Featuring a full spectrum of companies – from famous distributors like Osem and Gold’s – to lesser-known brands, the arena was packed with professionals from around the world mingling and tasting the various treats. Many other food-related companies, banks and kashrut entities were also well represented, from Fidelity Financial Services to the respected Beth Din of London.

The scores of booths at this annual gathering produced a melange of sights, tastes and sounds that tantalized the profuse crowds. Fish dishes, meats of all kinds cooked and cured, dairy treats, from the mundane to extraordinary, were all on display to delight the palate. It was a kind of United Nations of culinary wonders, and of course, all of it kosher.

Many companies were plying their wares in the hopes of hooking up with American distributors. One such company was Ozersky Souvenir in Moscow, which was offering up Russian made kosher dairy chocolates, something which only a few years ago would have been unimaginable. Many firms were offering free gifts like Haolam’s pizza wheels or Star Polybags ice cleaners. Throughout the event, everything from steaks, sausages, chicken dishes, cheeses, pizza, ice cream, gelatto, vegetarian fare, wines from all over, specialty drinks, and much more were given away. And visitors and exhibitors alike displayed a sense of anxious anticipation, eager to make connections and future sales. Over 350 exhibitors with kosher certified products attended. The large number of companies represented was taken as an auspicious omen of good and “tasty” things to come during the coming year.