By: Dr. Jacques Doueck Dds

“It’s so frustrating! I don’t eat any more junk than my friends, and I know I brush longer than they do… I even floss every day. Why do I get so many cavities?”
The reason: Some people are simply more at risk for cavities.
What can you do?
Step one: If you seem to be getting too many cavities, do a risk assessment. A dentist can test your saliva, examine your teeth and evaluate your habits.
Step two: Depending on your risk factors,a few simple recommendations can help in a big way. The key is to design a custom plan based on your specific risk factors. One or two of these changes can make a major difference. You can have fewer cavities, stop bleeding gums and have sweeter breath.
Risk Factor
You tend to have a dry mouth.
Have the amount of saliva you produce tested. If you do have dry mouth, there are safe, natural products that can help reverse the damage of dry mouth and keep your mouth moist.
Your saliva is more acidic than it should be.
Special pastes can neutralize the acidity, reverse the damage and prevent future cavities.
The enamel of your teeth is already damaged and prone to cavities.
Use custom dental trays similar to the trays used to bleach and whiten teeth. These custom trays can be used while you take a shower. A small amount of high-strength fluoride or Calcium paste worn for a few minutes every day is very effective in treating teeth that are already damaged.
You frequently drink soda and iced tea, both of which are high in acid and thus damaging to teeth. Even Diet Coke and Diet Snapple are very damaging.
If you drink these beverages frequently or have frequent snacks, you can learn how to enjoy your snacks and drinks without having to eliminate them. Something as simple as using a straw to drink your soda can make a major difference.
Your teeth still have loads of plaque even after you’ve brushed.
A Waterpik™ is very effective in flushing out bacteria and food that may be hidden between the teeth.
Like some people, bacteria comes from your sinuses.
Nasal irrigation, combined with the use of Xlear™ Xylitol nasal spray, is a very effective remedy. Xylitol has been used to treat ear infections and bad breath, and Xylitol gum and candies are very effective against the bacteria that cause cavities and bad breath.
Bad breath is frustrating you.
Squigle™ Enamel Saver Toothpaste may be just what the doctor ordered. 
Your gums bleed.
Perio Protect Trays™ are effective in helping your gums become pink and healthy and improving your breath. Similar to bleaching trays, these are designed to force oxygenation gel under the gums. The bacteria that cause gums to bleed are anaerobic, which means they have oxygen. Creating an oxygen-rich environment under your gums helps to eliminate the damaging bacteria.
The good news is that you cando something to control risk factors. A professional risk assessment helps determine which changes will be most effective for you to reverse the damage and prevent future damage. If you are getting more cavities or think that you may be at risk, be sure to tell your dentist or hygienist so that you can benefit from a few simple changes that can save your teeth.